We are pleased to announce the Pundi X Open Platform which will enable developers and companies to list their custom ERC20 digital tokens within the XPOS, XWallet and XPASS. This platform will also allow the creation of customized XPASS card within our payment ecosystem.

NPXS at its core

Developers and companies who intend to utilize the Open Platform will be required to hold a certain amount of NPXS to account for the service integration fee and the deposit which acts as the liquidity base for the listed digital tokens.

This further extends the utility of NPXS in addition to its current usage in the Pundi X payment ecosystem.

Creating more use cases and value

Open Platform will enable developers and businesses an additional channel to drive more use cases for their digital assets. Once the digital token is listed, it will be integrated across the Pundi X ecosystem for merchants and customers to buy, sell and transact in.

Digital tokens that are submitted to the Open Platform will have to be reviewed and evaluated by the compliance team. Only once approval is given, the developers or companies will be able to add their ERC20 digital tokens listed in the Pundi X payment ecosystem. There is also a feature to add new customized virtual cards to the XWallet, or issue customized physical XPASS cards which can be easily used with the XPOS devices that are already been deployed in several major cities.

“With the Open Platform, our XPASS offers the versatility to any companies, organizations and developers looking to white label a digital payment solution (powered by blockchain) that is fast, easy and secure,” said Zac Cheah, CEO & Co-founder of Pundi X.

“Pundi X hopes to start serving more blockchain teams and companies this year and enable them to increase the utilization of their own cryptocurrencies in the physical retail venues and stores,” added Cheah.

Integrating other blockchain platforms

The Open Platform will form a strategic part of Pundi X. It will start next month in June for developers and companies to be able to register and upload their ERC20 digital assets as well as having the ability to create and customise their own virtual and physical XPASS cards.

In this first phase, Open Platform will only support custom listing for ERC20 digital tokens.

However, there are plans to integrate other major public chains so that more tokens can be added to the Pundi X payment ecosystem.

For more details of Open Platform, please visit: https://pundix.com.