Dear Pundians,

Pundi X is steadily increasing our reach around the world. Our efforts to continue growing our presence in Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Switzerlands, and more regions have been non-stop. In this issue, we summarized our progress in March and April.

Come on and let’s go through the exciting news and updates awaiting us!


Decentralized XPOS (deXPOS) testing open for selected merchants

XPOS becomes a blockchain-agnostic Web3 hardware through decentralized (deXPOS) leveraging crypto retail payments. Merchants can accept and sell cryptocurrency across Avalanche, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon directly in their private blockchain wallet- f(x)Wallet with deXPOS. Now it is open for selected merchants to test.

Follow the guide:

We also need your opinion about decentralized XPASS cards. You can vote on this poll:

Roadmap for deXPOS

Here is the roll out plan for deXPOS to the merchants

  • Q2 2022: The Launch of Basic Features
  • Q3 2022: New Product Integration
  • Q4 2022: Incentify the Usage
  • 2023: Expand the Ecosystem

The full road map can be viewed here:

One-year long NPXS re-denomination swap came to an end on 29th Mar 2022

The token redenomination process commenced on 30 March, 2021 and the swap ratio between NPXS and PUNDIX was 1000:1. About 95% of NPXS holders completed the swap. The swap ended on 29 March 2022.


Free XPOS for merchants in Lugano Switzerland

Bitcoin is now a legal tender in Lugano Switzerland. To support the Bitcoin adoption, 100 free XPOS will be available for qualified merchants in Lugano to apply. Lugano Plan B is a partnership between the City of Lugano and Tether to accelerate the use of Bitcoin in finance.

Interested merchants in Lugano can apply here:

New Pundi X crypto shops in Turkey

Pundi X crypto shops opened in Taksim, Ankara, and Alana. Check out these new locations.

Singapore Fintech Report 2022
Here is exciting news! Pundi X is included in the Singapore Fintech Map 2022. Blockchain and cryptocurrency make up 20% of all fintech companies in Singapore as the largest category.

Check the link for more info:

International Women’s Day giveaway

To celebrate Women’s Day, a total of 50,000 $PURSE was given to 5 female developers to show our appreciation to women behind the awesome web3 developments. Users who nominated the winners will also receive 10,000 $PURSE each.

The winners are listed here:

Twitter Spaces AMA on crypto adoption in Turkey

A twitter space AMA session was conducted on March 15, 2022 about how people in Turkey adopt cryptocurrency.

If you missed the live session, you can catch up a rebroadcast of the conversation via podcast.

XPOS in Avalanche Summit
XPOS was showcased in the Avalanche Summit held in Barcelona, Spain during 22–27 March. We were able to discuss blockchain technology, crypto payments, and regulations with Luben Kabaktchiev, the Head of EU regulatory affairs from Blockchain for Europe and demo the latest development of decentralized XPOS to the Avalanche management team.

Pundi X recognized by Singapore’s Senior Minister of State

Pundi X and OvO Digital Services collaboration was recognized by Sim Ann, Singapore’s Senior Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of National Development, as one of the successful fintech collaborations between Singapore and Turkey. She added that the two countries can work together to innovate frontier technologies.

Read the full news here:

Pundi X Q1 2022 AMA

The Pundi X Q1 2022 AMA was concluded in a Zoom live session on 7 April.

You can also read the summary here.

Pundi X presents in MIT professional education: Blockchain Disruptive Technology Course

Joao Victor Mendes Pundi X’s Director of Global BD and Partnership introduced the Pundi X and Function X ecosystems to students in MIT’s professional education course.

Pundi X Instagram Effects
Head to the official Pundi X Instagram page and try out Pundi X effects. Don’t forget to include #pundix and #pundixeffect on your stories.

XPOS Review by YouTuber

Full Value Dan is a Youtuber who educates people about the knowledge on crypto currencies. Full Value Dan has 168k youtube subscribers. He said that Pundi X has a very well developed Infrastructure for merchants and considers XPOS as one of the 3 ways for businesses to accept crypto as a payment method. The intro starts at 8:43.

XPOS merchant is featured in a leading Brazilian Daily Newspaper
XPOS merchant Wayne was interviewed in Fohla de S.Paulo, one of the leading newspapers in Brazil. He expressed that Pundi X bridges the gap in crypto payments. This indicates the attention we are getting worldwide is rapidly growing.

Read the news for more information:

More Hope for the Children NFT Airdrop

A total of 20 NFTs in total were given to participants sponsored by our community Claudio Barros.

Redeem $PURSE for McDonald’s gift card

Make your $PURSE worth X100. You can redeem a McDonald’s gift card with 250 $PURSE. The winners are receiving their cards. See below:

$PURSE donations for Ukraine #HopeForChildren

As of April 20, 2022, more than 2.6M $PURSE were collected and to be donated to Ukraine. The Hope for Children NFTs were minted to support families and children affected by the war in Ukraine. There are a total of 50,000 Hope For Children NFTs available for participants to mint with 100 different designs.

Help us donate more by following these steps:

PUNDIX is now supported by Binance Custody

Binance Custody is a regulated, and insured custody service for institution investors to keep their digital assets. Announced in mid March, Binance Custody supports deposits and withdrawals for $PUNDIX.

$PUNDIX got listed in more exchanges

Kriptomat, ONU, and WhiteBIT made $PUNDIX available on their trading platforms. Thank you for your support!

Calling for Pundians to BUIDL with us!
We are looking for the following positions

  • Blockchain Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Smart Contract Developer
  • Software Developer (Rust, Go)
  • Security Engineer
  • Test and Launch Engineer
  • Senior Trading System Engineer
  • Customer success manager

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This is where our monthly report ends! We are now quickly approaching the half year mark. There are more milestones to be achieved and more exciting events waiting for us!

Stay tuned to all the news and updates on our official social media pages and website. See you next month!