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Why do certain countries love crypto?

In 2021, the Central American nation of El Salvador became the first in the world to adopt the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as a legal tender. The move was hailed as a significant step towards mainstream crypto adoption and praised by crypto enthusiasts as an innovative step toward the future of financial tech. Although El Salvador has (so far) gone further […]

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Cashier Pro is now available for XPOS merchants

Supporting onchain crypto payments on Bitcoin Lightning Network, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum and Tron blockchain. Giving people increased control over their money is becoming more important in an age of increasing openness and digitalization. In keeping with the aim of encouraging distributed technology and giving people back control over their assets, Pundi X is excited to announce that the onchain […]

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Pundi X Announces XPOS Web 3.0 in Singapore Fintech Festival

It’s undeniable that Web 3.0 use cases such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies are on the rise today. A survey conducted earlier this year by management consulting company Deloitte found that almost 75% of retailers are planning to accept either cryptocurrency or stablecoin payments within the next two years. 87% of merchants broadly agree that organizations accepting digital currencies have a competitive advantage […]

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Monthly report: a recap of activities in July 2022

After the algorithmic stablecoin de-pegging event and collapse of CeFi platforms, last month, the crypto market recovered from its dip in June. With rising US dollar interest rates and inflation hitting an all-time high in many countries, we saw that inquiries about adopting crypto are also on the rise. Let’s take a look at the highlights from July: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT […]

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Q2 2022 Progress Report

Dear Pundians, Thank you for joining our Q2 2022 Progress Report. For those of you who couldn’t join it live, you can watch the video version below. XPOS Development In Q2, we activated new merchants in Argentina, Brazil, Türkiye, Honduras, Japan, and UAE. Since Prospera, the special economic zone in Roatan made Bitcoin one of the legal tenders, we went […]

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Monthly report: a recap of activities in May 2022

Dear Pundians, This is the month where we take our time to appreciate the hard-working individuals and organizations who hustled amid tough bear markets. Without continuous building, the industry won’t move forward. In May, we have XPOS distributor’s marketing activities in Argentina, two crypto shop openings in Turkey, a crypto education seminar in Taiwan, a market visit to Honduras and […]

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Monthly report: a recap of activities in April 2022

Dear Pundians, Pundi X is steadily increasing our reach around the world. Our efforts to continue growing our presence in Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Switzerlands, and more regions have been non-stop. In this issue, we summarized our progress in March and April. Come on and let’s go through the exciting news and updates awaiting us! PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Decentralized XPOS (deXPOS) […]

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Roadmap of deXPOS

The future of Web3 payment for merchants Dear Pundians, Web3 is all about decentralization and it applies the same to payment. We’ve launched XPOS in 2018 while the confirmation of onchain transactions was slow and expensive. Today more blockchain networks are available in the market, offering faster processing time and cheaper network fees. To ensure XPOS a future-proof solution for […]

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Q1 2022 Progress Report

Dear Pundians, Thank you for joining our Q1 2022 Progress Report on 7th April 2022. This is the first time we host this event in a different time slot. For those of you who couldn’t join it live, you can watch the video version by visiting our YouTube Channel. POS Development Merchant Adoption In Q1 2022, except for the Pundi […]

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Decentralized XPOS Activation Guide for Beta testing

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins. This is why most crypto holders choose to store their coins in a blockchain wallet that they own their private keys. We see the demand of using blockchain wallets is increasing and it is about time to make XPOS a blockchain-agnostic web3 hardware. That’s why we are developing the deXPOS module for the future […]


Pundi X and Function X Foundation collaborate with “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center launch mint-to-donate NFTs to support children and families suffering from the war in Ukraine

Pundi X and Function X Foundation are collaborating with the Cyprus-based humanitarian organization “Hope for Children” CRC Policy Center to help children and families suffering from the war in Ukraine. Under the collaboration, Function X Foundation and Pundi X will be launching the “Hope for Children” NFT collection. The collection, which is limited to 50,000 NFTs, will be available for participants to mint via on […]

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Claim $PURSE from BDL mechanism is now available for BEP20 address holders

Claiming period: 15th February, 2022 until 15th March, 2022 As mentioned earlier, the PURSE token has implemented a 20% ‘BDL’ mechanism — Burn, Distribution and Liquidity. For every non-whitelisted transaction*,10% of the transacted $PURSE amount is burned, 5% goes to the distribution pool and 5% to the liquidity pool. All eligible PURSE token holders are entitled to claim $PURSE proportionally […]


Mission WAGMI concluded

182 winners to share 32 million $PURSE grand prize pool Thank you for participating Mission WAGMI! The mission is now successfully launched and completed. The grand prize pool has received 32,918,000 PURSE tokens from minting Mission WAGMI NFTs. As previously announced, the tokens in this pool will be distributed to those who collected a full set of 10 Mission WAGMI NFTs and […]


#PundiX4Good meme campaign and #Review4Good winners announcement

Congratulations to over 100+ winners! Dear Pundians, Thank you for joining the 4th year celebration. Here we are at the finale of the events and your participation and support are much appreciated. Let’s not wait another moment to announce the final winners of the campaigns! #Review4Good winners Winners of 25,000 PURSE each (Forum accounts) SCENE | This_Dutch_guy | IvanFunctionX | Jan | AA_Sful | Ive | Redrabbit | CallOfDuty_Mobile_HD | SH_J | Sander | Maxlion | Mehmet_zahid_ozpelit | Denverhusker | Fishinstud | Lobsin | Zeph | Zynologics | Kidrock | Engeen | Hutch814 | JulianFloca | YoonkYink | Eichi | MCNaveed | Worgforee | Tone | AN312 | Esduez | bot_teddy | Dave_nl | Criptoargento | Rafael_Kaluri | Befree | Pradeep_kaswan | Marick7 | Nomo0808 | Andrydvt | Amir_mohamadia | MVideo | Oshi | Paul_Clark | Rahman | Mendes | George | Dumanda18 | BarackObama_Gaming | Charles_Fro | David_H_S | Mohammad_Maroufy | SmallFort | KuzoIV | 11110 | FrankiePhan | Themad | _pichxo | Muhammet_Karakelle | Alexcafa | Singed_K | Selvanpk | Engin_karakose | Haylo | Sina_L_Assadi | Aleksandr | Shijas_T | Crypto_Maniac | Narendra0to1 | Unity_clash | Sanjayparmar400 | Tjitske | Scott_Chalwell | Spochana | Riyaz22 | Anttheo | Realminer | Carbonara_121099 | Pokerbro13 | Aamu_Aamuz | Cryptovanga | Anisur | Rahima | Dnes-saak45 | Anis | Christoph_Emmrich | Crypto_Wizard | Belka6619 | Berlon1828 | AAK_SZN | Plehanovakristina416 | Antonvanin11 | sproutz Our staff will contact you […]

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Q4 2021 Token Removal Report

Dear Pundians, The token removal for Q4 2021 has been completed. We took out approximately 6,802 $PUNDIX and 1,093,702,580 $PURSE tokens from their respective total supplies. Starting from the launch of Pundi X Chain in October 2021, the token removal mechanism of $NPXSXEM followed $PURSE’s BDL model as $NPXSXEM migrated to $PURSE. After the Q4 token removal, the total supply […]


Will Bitcoin remain king in 2022?

Anyone that’s done a cursory scan of crypto-related headlines in 2021 is surely aware of the stellar growth Bitcoin enjoyed. Though volatility is still present in the bitcoin market, there’s no denying the currency has had an impressive run: from one bitcoin being valued at just about $30K at the beginning of 2021 to reaching an all-time high of approximately […]