Swiss company UTRUST to deploy 1,000 Pundi X POS devices

Enabling physical retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments Pundi X and UTRUST, two of the world’s digital payment platforms, announced today they are joining forces to build a large-scale offline cryptocurrency payment platform. At the Blockchain for Finance Conference in Singapore today, Swiss-based UTRUST and Pundi X signed a partnership to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrency payments in… Continue reading Swiss company UTRUST to deploy 1,000 Pundi X POS devices


A step-by-step resumption of NPXS transactions

In the past 72 hours, we have held intensive discussions with different parties, including Coinrail, the Korean National Police Agency, the community, and our exchange partners to seek the best possible solution to protect NPXS holders’ interests. We are grateful to have had all parties work together to assist the investigation.


Pundi X assists Coinrail to investigate the breach incident

This morning on June 10 we received notification from Coinrail: There was an unauthorized suspicious trading activity involving 2,619,542,080 NPXS tokens transferred to IDEX. Coinrail confirms that this incident has been caused by a cyber intrusion and NPXS is one of the affected tokens. Since the amount of NPXS token is equal to 3% of our current supply, which could potentially affect the interests of all parties, we instigated an emergency security protocol to halt ALL the NPXS transactions

NPXS, Team

Generating all remaining unswapped PXS to NPXS for the token swap’s conclusion

Dear Pundians, The ongoing token swap has been successfully executed since March 20, 2018. The process has been faster than expected as more than 85% of the tokens have been swapped in less than three months. In response to the community’s suggestions, we are now preparing to finalise the token swap by generating all remaining… Continue reading Generating all remaining unswapped PXS to NPXS for the token swap’s conclusion


Regulatory Compliance: an essential first step in the rollout of Pundi X POS devices

Recently, we have seen media headlines saying: ‘Pundi X installs crypto point-of-sale devices despite regulations’ and ‘deployment of POS devices would be completed regardless of regulatory developments’. These ideas are misleading because Regulatory Compliance is an essential first step for the successful market introduction of Pundi X POS (Point-of-Sale) devices and the successful evolution of the blockchain as a whole.