Token pool, use of token, total cap and use of funds:


  • Token total pool: 30% public-token-sale distribution; 70% for token-unlocking over 3 years.
  • Public-token-sale distribution breakdown: 66.67% for public sales; 16.67% for founders; 13.33% for company and employees; 3.33% for advisors and token-sale marketing costs.
  • Amount to raise: 280,000 ETH
  • Use of funds: 18–30% R&D; 50–68% Installation; 7–10% Operations; 7–10% Others.
  • PXS tokens will be tradable < 30 days after the conclusion of the public token sale
  • Pundi X Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Black card will be released in 8 weeks.
  • Use of PXS tokens as “gas” fees for listing, advertising, transaction and participation in the Pundi X network.

Dear Pundians,

The coming weeks will be an exciting journey as we unveil the Pundi X public token sale.

  • Our pre-sale sales starts 7th October 10:00 GMT+8 to 28th October 22:00 GMT+8.
  • pre-sale will conclude immediately if we raise 14,000 ETH.
  • Our main token sale starts November 20th 10:00 GMT+8 to December 20th 22:00 GMT+8.
  • The token sale will conclude immediately if we raise 280,000 ETH.

In this post, we will focus on sharing the token sales details. For more on the use case and the many benefits of Pundi X and our PXS tokens, please refer to our other blog posts.

[Warning Message]

  1. Do not click on links that looks suspicious claiming it’s from us.
  2. Do not transfer to unverified ETH address claiming it’s from us.
  3. Only send to the ETH advertised on public channel, and double check the addresses or announcements at two public channels if possible.

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