Hi everyone,
In this blog post we will show you more pictures of Pundi X POS device.

Pic1. Pundi X POS device

There are some menus in this cool device, such as Top-Up for Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, PXS, etc), Top-Up for E-Wallet, Top-Up Phone Credit, Purchase Electricity,etc. Pundi X POS device has a small size and mobility is very high. Here is another picture of the device.

Pic2. Pitt (Our CTO/COO) and Pundi X POS device

This battery can last for 8–24 hours and you can use the power supply directly while using the device.

Pic3. Pundi X POS

Wireless, GSM, and Phone Line is also supported.

Pic4. Wireless, GSM, & Phone Line supported

Still want to know more about this device? Stay tuned!

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