Three simple steps to contribute.

Step 1: get Pre-token sale address

I plan to purchase 1 ETH and am expecting to receive 500 +150 PXS for Pre-Token sale bonus. First I will check the Pre-Token sale address and triple confirm it:

THE Pre-Token sale purchase address has been removed as the Pre-token sale has concluded as to avoid confusion.

Note: please confirm Pre-Token sale address on our website (screenshot 1) , selfie pinned at our telegram channel (screenshot2) and this medium blog post (blue horizontal bar image)

Note: please remember to take the KYC before purchase.

Step 0: Check the address three times (not via this screenshot but by visiting and telegram for pinned selfie image)

Step 2: Buy from wallet (MyEtherWallet)

  • Logon to . You may purchase from any of the online wallet which you have access to your private key including Parity, Metamask or Mist. Please double check URL of MyEtherWallet and use your current wallet or create a new one to purchase.

Note: please do not purchase from any online exchanges such at Bittrex, Kraken or that will not give you access to your private key.

Step 1: choose “send Ether & Tokens” , input address and amount to purchase, choose gas limit of 250000 and click “generate transaction”
Step 3: Double check address is correct, confirm and send (Pre-token sale, Extended Pre-token sale and token sale purchase addresses are different, please double check)

Step 3: confirm PXS tokens (MyEtherWallet)

Finally go to or your favorite wallet of choice, and “view wallet info” > “check token balance”.

Step 4: check token balance via “view wallet info”

If the token balance is not already listed, just add the information below:

Token Symbol:PXS
Decimal: 18

Step 5: add PXS into MyEtherWallet wallet if not already displayed

Note: MyEtherWallet automatically adds new tokens after a while, so you could just wait. If you see the token in the list twice in the future, just delete the one you created. You are not losing your balance, it just solves the display error.

You’re done, happy purchasin