Hi everyone, please always remember to cross check the Pundi X wallet address before you transfer the ETH. There are some sources such as our website (https://pundix.com/), medium blog, telegram group pinned message. Again, please double check to several sources and do not send ETH from Exchanges!

Once after you transfer ETH to Pundi X wallet address, do not forget to claim your PXS tokens. Go to MyEtherWallet.com or your favorite wallet of choice, and “view wallet info” > “check token balance”.

If the token balance is not already listed, just add the information below:

Token Symbol:PXS
Decimal: 18

Note: MyEtherWallet automatically adds new tokens after a while, so you could just wait. If you see the token in the list twice in the future, just delete the one you created. You are not losing your balance, it just solves the display error.

You’re done, happy purchasing!