Apart from purchasing by ETH, Pundi X will support purchasing by BTC from October, 17th 10:00 GMT+8.

Pundi X accepts Bitcoin

Three simple steps to purchase.

Step 1: get ready your ETH address

Please visit our website (pundix.com) and register your ETH public address (to receive the PXS tokens) and email.

Note: please DO NOT input any online exchanges wallet such as Bittrex, Kraken or Bitcoin.co.id that will not give you access to your private key to receive for PXS tokens. Please use services addresses that is stored in wallet which you hold your private key such as MyEtherWallet.com.


You will receive an email ‘BTC Instructions’ from Pundi X and our BTC address will be shown in the email.

Step 2: Purchase from wallet (for example, Blockchain.info)

Logon to blockchain.info or any BTC online exchanges and send the BTC to Pundi X wallet address (stated in our email)

Note: you may send your BTC from online exchanges which you don’t have your BTC private key, such as Coinbase, Kraken or Bittrex since what is important is to have ownership of private key for your receiving address, which is an ETH address to receive PXS token.

Step 3: Confirm PXS tokens (for example, MyEtherWallet)

Finally go to MyEtherWallet.com or other wallets, and “view wallet info” > “check token balance”.

check token balance via “view wallet info”

If the token balance is not already listed, just add the information below:

Token Symbol:PXS
Decimal: 18

add PXS into MyEtherWallet wallet if not already displayed

Note: MyEtherWallet automatically adds new tokens after a while, so you could just wait. If you see the token in the list twice in the future, just delete the one you created. You are not losing your balance, it just solves the display error.

You’re done, happy purchasing!