Pundi X is delighted to form PUNDI X-PERT Group.

PUNDI X-PERT will be an important channel to engage the community better. By having this community, it will help us to understand the community feedback of X POS device, X Pass Card, PXS token progress and more.

There will be 9 group members which will be elected annually on April. Group members should be an active participant of Pundi X project. We will be choosing the interim group soon (first week November) and this interim group function till April 2018 before the annual election.

How to become a PUNDI X-PERT:
1. Cryptocurrency believer
2. Each country can only have one representative
3. Having a good understanding about the project & product

Task Details:
1. Become a PUNDI X-PERT
2. Become the real ambassador of Pundi X ecosystem
3. Promoting Pundi X in social media
4. Answering questions in Telegram group
5. Understanding of POS device usage

1. No office hours — flexible
2. Each PUNDI X-PERT will get one POS device
3. PXS as reward

We will be having our annual meeting in April 2018. Whoever chosen and appointed in January will join our annual meeting in April 2018. The next re-appointment will be in April 2019 with a voting scheme.
Note: the interim group will be chosen by Pundi X before the formal group election in April