Would you like to get an XPOS device for FREE ?

As our token of appreciation for all of our purchasers, we would like to give you an XPOS device for free. How to get one?

1. Contribution of more or equals to 30 ETH or 1.5 BTC or 50,000 NEM in one single address. One single address can only receive one XPOS device. Not applicable for multiplier.

2. Submit your details here,

All data that has been submitted will be review and checked by our team to make sure you have inputed the right details. Happy purchasing!

Note : After the token sale closes, we will ask you to send a 0.001 or smaller ETH or BTC to a stipulated address to proof the purchase made as a way of identifying your contributions.

Any question? Please feel free to join us in Pundi X Telegram Official English Group t.me/pundix