Summary: hard cap in USD


Pundi X’s objective is to roll out > 100,000 XPOS devices in three years so that more people have accessibility to cryptocurrency and use cryptocurrency as a means of daily purchase.

When we first announced the project in late September the price of ETH was hovering at 300 USD, today it is 845 USD. Operation-wise, we need 30 -35 million USD to deliver this project.

New hard cap — 35 million USD.

When we announced the project, our hard cap was initially specified in ETH, and the change of ETH prices has caused our hard cap to be a moving target.

We have now decided to have our hard cap in USD instead, so that regardless of how the price or cryptocurrency changes, our target will be the same.

35 million USD hard cap will be inclusive of all sales raised including Pre-ICO and Extended Pre-ICO sale.

Total raised so far

The amount we have raised so far, taking into account price rise in cryptocurrency, is approximately 23,000,000 USD as of 20th Dec 2017.

Minimum participation

0.1 ETH.

ETH:PXS ratio

1 ETH: 500PXS

Application process

Please take the KYC white list approval process on

Currently most of the white listing is still in backlog approval by the authorities in the Isle of Man due to holiday seasons, and applications are being vetted.

Crowd Sale details

White listed KYC approved participant may join, crowd sale starts 21s Jan — 31st Jan, or will end once our hardcap is reached.