Many people knew about this virtual currency a.k.a cryptocurrency, but most of them still couldn’t get the clear idea on how to sell, to buy or to spend their cryptocurrency. Moreover, having themselves to wait for hours or days to convert their crypto to fiat is not a happy thing to do. By using XPOS machine we don’t need to deal with these problems anymore, you can just imagine a world where you can buy cryptocurrency as easy as buying a bottled water.

Have you checked out how the device looks and how it works? We are delighted to meet and to introduce Pundi X POS device to Tara Basro –one of the famous Indonesian actress. Tara wasn’t very familiar with the whole idea of cryptocurrency but after a short introductions and showing her how our device works, everyone has to check on what she can share about it.

Watch the whole video: Tara Basro featuring Pundi X POS

Everybody loves Pundi X POS. Why won’t you? 😉