Last update : 20th January 23:15 GMT +8 (HK/SG time)

Approved Participants (KYC Whitelist)

KYC whitelisting closed 19th January 23:59 GMT+8. If you do not received any confirmation by then (check your spam), it means you are not qualified for the token sale.

If you have applied for whitelisting and do not received any reply after 72 hours, please re-apply again. If you still do not receive any confirmation on both occasions, your application are not approved. You may also check your application status on . If the kycCheck indicates that you are approved it means you are whitelisted (despite not receiving any emails, as we have encountered instances where emails servers have rejected our confirmation emails)

Pre token sales, Extended Pre token and crowd sale approved KYC applicants can participate in the crowd sale happening on 21st January 16:00(GMT+8). Token sale will close once we hit the hard cap.

Please visit Pundi X step-by-step token sale participation instructions for further details.

Token Sale Price

1 ETH : 500PXS

Note: there will be no bonus for the public token sale.
Note: Only ETH is accepted in the token sale.

Exchange and Listing

We will announce the exchange soon after token sales.

Total Amount Raised (so far)

As of 18th January the total value raised so far is:

Total raised from Pre-token sale and Extended Pre-token sale
Thus the remaining amount to be raised from the public token sale is approximately US$ 17,552,382 (as of 18th January 2018) depending on the rate of cryptocurrency at the time of participation. We expect the token sale to be fully sold with the smart contract fully executed hence there will be no future token sale.

We are introducing strategic purchasers that will participate in our company equity and token purchase via private sale before the start of token sales.

Hard Cap

The hard cap is US$35 million, more information on how we priced and calculated is in the US$35 million hard cap for Pundi X article.

Since we price it at US$35 million fiat, we allow a margin of + — 20% of the hardcap due to cryptocurrency price flux (and drop a week prior to token sales), hence maximum of 35 — 42 million range are likely to be reached.

Individual Hard Cap

In the first 18 hours, the individual hard cap is minimum 0.5 ETH and maximum 5 ETH.

If the accumulated amount from one ETH address in the first 18 hours is more than 5 ETH, it will automatically return the extra amount to the address right away. After 18 hours, the maximum individual hard cap will be lifted, which means participant can purchase beyond 5 ETH amount.

Participant can purchase more than once, For example David can purchase 5 ETH in the first 18 hours, and another 30 ETH after 18 hours. Hence David’s total purchase into his unique ETH address is 35 in total.

Token Split

We will be performing a token split before listing on exchange, for further info please visit PXS Token Split article.

Token sale step-by-step

Please visit Pundi X step-by-step token sale participation instructions for further details.