Since the preparation of PXS token split execution, we have asked our PXS token holders to keep their tokens in their wallets during the token spilt from Feb 1st to 5th. However, we found that there are PXS holders who continue to trade on OTCs including EtherDelta after 00.00 GMT+8 (Singapore time) on Feb 1. Until now, 211 addresses have transacted (sold) PXS tokens to 555 addresses. Over nine million PXS have changed hands for the past twenty four hours. The trading volume has not dropped but unusually increased twenty folds in the anticipation of split.

Pundi X is a community driven project and the rights of the community are our biggest interest. We regret that there are some PXS holders who are still trading on OTCs such as EtherDelta, whether unconsciously or maliciously. Assume a person who buy a PXS tokens during February 1–5, they might see their value plunge 1000 times if a malicious seller quickly sells after the split or after the snapshot is taken.

After careful consideration and thorough legal consultation, we have decided to delay the split indefinitely until we have a way to both protect the community interest and perform the split.

We will continue with the monthly airdrop in the next 24 hours.