With the aim to bring cryptocurrency more accessible via the point-of-sale (“POS”) solution, Pundi X project has attracted interests across the globe. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and interest in PXS.

The PXS circulating supply as of February is 60,259,049. Below is the breakdown of our token circulating supply.

Recap Sreenshot
Circulating Supply (last updated 12th March 2018)

60,259,049 circulating tokens were created with 30.5 USD million raised if calculated during each period of the raise (Pre-token sale, Extended Pre-token sale and token sale dates) or 41.7 million USD (based on ETH price on token sale crowd sale dates). We instituted a +- 20% difference on the 35 million hardcap as our crowd sale was based on USD and the price in ETH was fluctuating, more on this in a previous announcement: Pundi X hard cap token sales update.

Apart from the public purchasing, we are also honored to have received purchases from strong industry players, including but not limited to: NEM, Qtum, DigixDao, AChain, Mr. Sasaki of Cardano, China’s MCG fund and RuShang fund.

The total supply will be finalized after January 2021. It will be based on the claim of future token unlocks of PXS holders and the release of reserved tokens. We roughly estimate the maximum possible total supply will be the total circulating supply times 3.3333 (minus the unlocks already supplied). As of now, the tokens for reserved PXS has not been generated yet. It will be around 50% of the current circulating supply (immediate post token sales the reserved tokens are 28,075,519.5) . These tokens will be used as follows:

– 25% to the founders and management;
– 20% to the company, reserved for current and future employees;
– 5% to the advisors and token sale marketing expenses.

12th March Update:

Reserved tokens will be unlocked at a rate of 10% each month. Assuming all unlocks are staked through out the 36 months, the total token supply would be:

(Token sale raisings + reserved tokens)
(56,151,039 + 28,075,519.5) * 3.333333 = 280,755,195.

24th March Update: full disclosure of the reserved tokens

Being transparent is our motto and here are our addresses for Management, Company and Advisory of our reserved token pool. Reserved tokens will be unlocked at a rate of 10% each month.

25% for Management pool (not generated yet as of March 24)


20% for Company pool (generated on March 3)

0xc6464FDCA8F0E889425005cfA9484243BdC566Dd [1]

5% for Advisory pool (not generated yet as of March 24)


[1] 845991PXS, which is 1.25% token raised , was transferred from company pool to 0xdD909f80dd16A88c6FF414644cF9Dde1B046e56a. The address is owned by BountyHive and bounties have been distributed to bounty participants on March 3.

* 1 PXS=1,000 NPXS