Participants can now see, receive and touch their unlock tokens

Token issuers and crypto exchanges distribute unlocked or free tokens through airdrop. One of the biggest challenges today is difficult for those who do not have crypto wallets to participate. At Pundi X, we think receiving airdrop should be as easy as receiving a gift from your friend.

Introducing the Pundi X Airdrone, a drone specifically designed for airdropping tokens.

Features of Pundi X Airdrone are:

  • A physical form of the tokens. Pundi X will load the tokens to Pundi X PASS card, a physical NFC enabled multi-currency wallet. People can see, receive and touch airdrop tokens in a physical form.
  • Unlock location positioning. Pundi X Airdrone can hover precisely and offload tokens to the designated location, even without GPS signal. Ultrasonic and vision sensors measure the altitude and the airdrop location to execute airdrop.
  • Large storage capacity. One Pundi X Airdrone can carry up to 500 crypto cards for airdrop distribution.
  • Facial identity recognition. Pundi X Airdrone equips a built-in camera with facial recognition system that is capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image. This is particular useful for the token issuers to distribute tokens to those who has been KYC whitelisted participants.
  • Long lasting battery. Since it is made of carbon fiber which can greatly reducing weight. Maximum flight time is up to 1 hours. Once it runs out the battery, the drone will return to home for charging.
  • Anti-theft system. Pundi X Airdrone is integrated with Anti-theft system to prevent item lost due to the drone destroyed or dissembled. Any attempt to stop the airdrop mission will trigger security alert and burn the token cards.

Pundi X Airdrone is now available for token issuers and exchanges for partnership inquiry. Please feel free to email us: bd [at]