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Dear Pundians,

As a founder of E2Pay and President of Pundi X, I’m happy to announce that Pundi X’s fiat partner in Indonesia, E2Pay, has received an e-money license issued by the Indonesian Central Bank.

It’s a vital step for both E2Pay and Pundi X to expand the cashless payment business in Indonesia.

For E2Pay, we are able to provide e-wallet and electronic payment services and to develop, either independently or conjointly with other partners, an expanding range of payment services products.

Pundi X will begin, in coming weeks, to ship our new XPOS device — loaded with the ability to process bank debit transactions, QR & NFC based payments, and mainstream payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, with our partners — to expectant customers in Indonesia, while always maintaining compliance with the local regulations.

This is a major milestone in broadening our operations in the country in which we were founded: Indonesia, one of the world’s most vibrant, youthful and fast-growing consumer economies.

The scope for synergies between E2Pay and Pundi X is apparent — and we will have more to say about these in the near future.

Suffice to say, though, an e-money licence will help drive our continued innovation and growth.


Constantin Papadimitriou
Co-founder and President,
Pundi X and E2Pay