Dear Pundians,

The ongoing token swap has been successfully executed since March 20, 2018. The process has been faster than expected as more than 85% of the tokens have been swapped in less than three months.

In response to the community’s suggestions, we are now preparing to finalise the token swap by generating all remaining unswapped tokens. The remaining portion accounts for around 15% of the total supply of NPXS. Remaining PXS holders can continue to swap for NPXS from this supply.

We hope that this will also help solve the issue of CoinMarketCap being unable to exactly calculate our market capitalization so long as the number of NPXS in circulation remains indeterminate due to the incomplete swap.

For PXS holders who are yet to swap, the process will remain unchanged. You can follow the existing instructions to perform the swap at

After September 20, as has already been announced, the company will stop accepting PXS tokens for swaps. All unclaimed NPXS tokens will be disclosed and donated in a timely manner to charitable or reputable academic organizations which will specify their use. We will seek to use the unclaimed for the betterment of the world.

Team holdings

According to CoinMarketCap’s definition, tokens that are locked, reserved, or not able to be sold on the public market which will be excluded from the circulating supply.

At Pundi X, being transparent is our motto and so here are our addresses for the Management, Company and Advisory reserved tokens. The reserved tokens will be unlocked at a rate of 10% each month.

25% Management pool: 19,981,136,269 NPXS


20% for Company pool: 15,984,909,015.2 NPXS


5% for Advisory and marketing pool: 3,996,227,253.8 NPXS


In total, we expect the NPXS token supply in June 2018 will reach 119,886,818,935, of which circulating supply will be about 79,924,546,397. Generation will start in batches throughout this month; the exact date and time of which will not be announced to prevent market speculation.


Zac Cheah
CEO and co-founder
Pundi X