Genaro and Pundi X come together to offer retailers wider payment options and higher security.

A new partnership between Genaro and Pundi X will provide retailers using the world-leading XPOS with new options for secure and decentralized cryptocurrency transactions.


The partnership enables the Pundi X POS device to use Genaro’s innovative decentralised storage technology to process transactions, while also adding its token (GNX) to those available for use on the device.

Genaro’s ecosystem, first dual-layer public blockchain and storage network, enables the deployment of smart contracts and the storage of data in a secure, decentralized way.

The partnership comes as Genaro is poised to realise major developments in its ecosystem including the launch of a new secure and high-powered public blockchain and as the XPOS is in pilot production for preparation for shipment to four pre-order markets.

Creating a secure POS device that can be used for everyday consumption will be an incredibly powerful step to bringing the application of blockchain technology to the real world.

In addition to bringing GNX to leading international markets soon Pundi X retailers will also be able to choose Genaro Eden, a decentralized cloud storage platform to store the data powered by Genaro Network and Storj Labs, as their data service provider to ensure that their customers’ transaction data remains secure and private.

“The Pundi X-Genaro partnership is bringing together of two examples of world class innovation in blockchain technology,” said Larry Liu, CEO and founder of Genaro Network. “We are proud to have offered a leading enterprise solution for developing decentralised storage and security.

”But the ability to bring these innovations to the retail store and connect with the lives of everyday consumers is a new frontier which greatly excites us”.

Zac Cheah, our CEO and Co-founder, said: “The benefit of this collaboration is mutual. Genaro Network provides a sustainable and secure platform for XPOS retailers who want to adopt blockchain technology in their business to store their data. Consumers are also presented with a greater range of choice in the fast-developing market for cryptocurrency transactions.

“We welcome the addition of Genaro to the Pundi X ecosystem as a key development for bringing blockchain applications to wider adoption in the real world”.

About Genaro Network

The Genaro Network is the first Turing-complete public blockchain combining peer-to-peer storage with a sustainable consensus mechanism. Genaro’s mixed consensus uses SPoR (Sentinel Proof of Retrievability) and PoS (Proof of Stake), ensuring stronger performance and security. Genaro provides developers with a one-stop platform to deploy smart contracts and store the data needed by DAPPs at the same time. This will provide everyone with a trusted Internet that connects the real world to the blockchain securely.

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