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Conventional POS systems usually cover a range of functionalities such as being a physical cash register, credit card processor, to basic inventory software that can run on most PCs or on the cloud. Blockchain-integrated payment system, on top of the regular POS features, is now capable of accepting and processing cryptocurrencies that may enrich the retail experience for both merchants and consumers. It is a marriage between inventory management and exchange platform. The deployment of the Pundi X POS system is anticipated to bring blockchain-enabled payment technology to the mainstream, while keeping the transactions seamless and cost-effective.

In this article, we get into the nuts and bolts to help you understand the key specifications of the device.


By combining highly sophisticated multi-card readers, secure encryption standards, and cryptocurrency features, Pundi X POS delivers an uncompromising performance while staying thin and light. It allows the merchants to pick up easily and fit comfortably in one hand.


Pundi X POS features a 5.5″ display and physical keypad. The device weighs 450g (battery included). Its small form-factor (210 × 75 × 61 mm) provides not only a feature-packed POS platform, but also excellent mobility features that will not take up a large amount of space/real estate in a small business establishment.

Performance and Memory

Pundi X POS employs an Android-based software with enhanced security for its operating system, designed to support blockchain applications such as cryptocurrency wallets and secure exchange platforms. As for the user interface (UI), a separate article will be published to introduce the main functions of the device menu.

A robust device, XPOS includes a MTK8735 quad-core (1.3GHz) ARM Cortex processor, 1G RAM, 8G ROM, and a dedicated safety CPU module (Megahunt Micro 1901C). Not every POS device has customizable memory, however, Pundi X POS comes with a 2G (RAM) + 16G ROM variant. The storage capacity of the device is 4.11GB.

Magnetic stripe, contact & non-contact card readers

Unlike other traditional POS systems, Pundi X POS offers a variety of compatible hardware including magnetic stripe reader, contact & non-contact IC readers, PSAM reader, SIM/UID reader, and TF reader.

It also comes equipped with a 5MP AF rear camera (with flash) to scan barcodes and take photos for KYC registration when activating the crypto card, thermal printer (it prints QR, barcodes, ASCII, and customizable text for advertisement on the receipt), I/O ports, as well as built-in mic and speaker.

XPOS and card

As for the 5.5″ HD screen with a 640 × 1280 resolution, multi-touch and power idle mode (tap to wake) enhances the performance of the 18:9 aspect ratio display.

Secure key management and encryption protocols

  • Global Compatibility: Pundi X POS can be used across the world. Bands that can be utilized include FDD-LTE (B1\B2\B3\B5\B7\B8\B20\B28), b (B40\B41), WCDMA (B1\B2\B5\B8), and GSM (quad-band). It also comes with dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and built-in GPS.
  • Battery: The XPOS device is powered by a detachable lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 4000mAh (3.8V output), equipped with a microUSB charging cable and an external power supply, as well as a backup button cell battery. The battery and charging status are conveniently indicated by LED lights.

power outlet

  • Security: CPU and its surrounding area have been properly designed and located in a protected segment. Any attempt to open the protected component will trigger security alert and delete the sensitive data.
  • End-to-end encryption: XPOS has special CPU design to stores the encrypted public key and provides the physical security. Both the CPU’s unique ID number and a randomly generated encrypted key protect the FLASH data and encrypted public key, ensuring XPOS’s underlying data and BOOT, KERNEL are safe.


  • From the BOOT, KERNEL, SYSTEM, and APK levels, signature verification is performed layer by layer. Only legitimate APKs can be installed in the system. To update the underlying layer all the way to the upper layer, the system has to verify and validate the signature to otherwise, applications cannot be installed on the XPOS.
  • Magnetic stripe reader is designed to avoid removal or placing detectors. If such action is detected, it will trigger security alert and delete the sensitive data.

other spec

Pundi X POS is a simple-to-use POS system that should be advantageous and secure for both shoppers and merchants. An intuitive UI will likely aid those who are not used to conventional POS systems.

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For further details of the XPOS device (where not mentioned, e.g. card reader standards and compliance), please refer to our user manual that will come with the device.