img_7252Dear NEMbers,

We will unlock July’s monthly tokens for holders of both PXSXEM and NPXSXEM. NPXSXEM and PXSXEM are Pundi X Mosaic tokens and different to the NPXS token (an ERC 20 token).

During the period for which PXSXEM can be swapped (until September 20) both holders of NPXSXEM and PXSXEM will receive their monthly tokens. After September 20 only holders of NPXSXEM will receive their monthly unlocked tokens.

If you hold either NPXS or PXS please read our guide on how to receive unlocked tokens here.

Here are the main instructions for ensuring you receive your NPXSXEM and PXSXEM monthly unlocked tokens:

  1. Register at
  2. Keep the tokens in your private wallet (not an exchange wallet except for Kryptono Exchange) three hours before and after 23:59 SGT (GMT+8) on July 31, 2018 for the snapshot.

If you have already registered previously, you are not required to complete another registration unless you’ve changed your wallet address. If you are a new NPXSXEM holder, you are required to register at least three hours before our snapshot time to get the monthly unlocked tokens.

The team will take a snapshot of how many tokens you have in the wallet you registered at

Monthly unlocked tokens will be distributed at a rate of 7.316% of all token holdings until December 2018, followed by 2.11637% in 2019, and 0.88187% in 2020. There will be no unlocked token distribution after January 31, 2021.

The unlocked tokens will be sent to your registered wallet addresses and on the Kryptono Exchange.


  1. If you don’t register by three hours before 23:59 SGT GMT+8 (GMT+8) on July 31 or you keep the tokens in the unsupported exchanges during the snapshot time, you will not receive the monthly unlocked tokens.
  2. Please do not send PXSXEM (the old Pundi X Mosaic token) to the Kryptono Exchange because it only lists the NPXSXEM token (the new Pundi X Mosaic token).
  3. Please avoid swapping for new tokens during the snapshot time.

Thank you for your feedback and support from the NEM community.