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Hotbit has successfully integrated Mosaic tokens into its exchange platform and the first two tokens to be listed are XEM and NPXSXEM.

Mosaic tokens are built upon the NEM blockchain and made to bring utility to new blockchain projects, platforms or software. They are designed for projects that require a NEM blockchain and tokens that have a real life application to a project.

Hotbit is one of the world’s leading flexible and secure digital asset platforms and has recently made a commitment to progressively add support for all kinds of blockchains on its platform.

Apart from XEM, the native token for NEM’s blockchain platform, the first Mosaic token to be listed by Hotbit is NPXSXEM, the token that powers the NEM XPOS.


As previously noted, NPXSXEM has acquired by NEMbers in the pre-sale in late 2017 and US 17 million dollars private placement to fund the NEM XPOS project. Pundi X has committed NEM Foundation a total of 20,000 units of Pundi X’s point of sale technology to create the NEM XPOS, which will run exclusively on the NEM blockchain.

The device will help deliver faster transactions in retail stores and make use of the high capacity of NEM’s blockchain; its ability to process 4,000 transactions per second and greater speed than most blockchains make it particularly well suited to use in busy retail environments.

The creation of the NEM XPOS will also bring greater utility to holders of Mosaic tokens, including the first to be listed on the device such as XAR, XPX, XEM, and, of course, NPXSXEM.

Not only can NPXSXEM be used to purchase goods and services at thousands of retail stores around the world, but the token will be used to power the device, in a similar way to NPXS and the Pundi XPOS, creating an ongoing use case.

The utility of NPXSXEM will further increase on the new Mosaic-enabled Hotbit exchange.

Deposits start from 15:00 SGT (GMT +8) on August 2. Trading opens at 15:00 SGT (GMT +8) on August 3. The pairings are NPXSXEM / BTC and NPXSXEM / ETH.

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