Dear Pundians,

In August, we start shipping our XPOS devices in a larger scale.

It’s a new era of the Pundi X project, six months after the completion of our public token sale. You will begin seeing merchants and others using our XPOS in the launch markets listed.

This also means the beginning of revenue generation from cryptocurrency transactions and a reduction in the total supply of NPXS as we have outlined in the blog post here.

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 11.15.39 AM.png

We’ve also received inquiries about listing tokens on Pundi X POS and purchases of XPOS devices. Such inquiries, when finalized, will also require the utilization of NPXS. These utilized NPXS tokens will be taken out from our total supply as well. In the end of each month, we will execute the permanent removal of the utilized NPXS tokens.

With shipment of 5,000 XPOS units and revenue generated from the retailer transactions, we are able to take a total of 500,001,139 NPXS out from the total supply this month.

In the end of August, we will provide the transaction record for the transparency.