It’s a moment in time for blockchain.

Blockchain is going to change the world.

It is going to end poverty and hunger. It is going to bank the unbanked. It is going to make food safer, keep medical records more secure, enable transactions to be faster and open, and help businesses run more efficiently. It’s the coolest, most exciting project you have in your company. It’s what you boast about at dinner parties. And so it goes.

Or is it?

Blockchain is complicated; it’s difficult; it’s frustrating. It is hard to implement and integrate. It is hard to build upon. Which blockchain is the right one to give you the fastest, most scalable, most secure and most decentralized solution? Blockchain is not so simple as it’s made to sound. It can be a headache.

How do you even put blockchain to work, many ask?

We all have been looking at the question from the wrong way.

Along our journey, our effort has not fully paid due to the border of centralization. Decentralized services are built upon centralized network, for example. We think Dapp shall be published on chain without a centralized approval authority; content should not be stored in a centralized server or in the hands of few Internet giants; our transaction data should not be controlled by the bank, or some mobile wallets.

And that’s what we have set out to do.

We are restructuring, re-coding and re-engineering a new way to support the blockchain ecosystem. We are building a truly decentralized infrastructure that is capable of supporting every blockchain platform, every dApps, every industry, every company and everyone.

It’s an entire new infrastructure that is designed to empower the blockchain ecosystem and to help grow businesses, banks, schools, governments, hospitals, start-ups, developers, enterprises and the next generation of innovators and creators.

And we have already laid the groundwork with our XPOS devices as every XPOS is not just a gateway for payment. It is a node that will be part of this new foundation. With our plan to roll out more than 100,000 XPOS in the next 3 years, it means this new infrastructure will only grow from strength to strength with at least 100,000 nodes and more.

On 8 August 2018, we plan to share more details on the new infrastructure. On how it can re-engineer and fuel a decentralised world. And how the world can be changed.

With this new development, we will also be able to take the opportunity to revisit our monthly unlocked token mechanism . Stay tuned.

Pundi X Team