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Joao, Country Manager of Brazil, spoke in the event at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro where Mr. Aureo Ribeiro (left), Brazil Congressman, participated. Ribeiro pointed out moving towards regulation will put Brazil among few countries who are crypto-friendly.

Pundi X is opening a new headquarters in South America, the latest global hub for cryptocurrencies and the newest continent to start running the Pundi X POS.

Beginning with a new head office in Brazil, Pundi X is expanding its operations and customer base across a region that has become one of the world’s leading frontiers for cryptocurrency mass adoption.

Pundi X’s first office in South America locates in Sao Paulo, a city of 12-million inhabitants which is a regional centre for technology and financial services.

The move follows a high level of interest from local business partners and recent surges in cryptocurrency investment, not just in Brazil, but in cities such as Bogota and Buenos Aires, which recent analysis has shown are two of the world’s ten most active hubs for cryptocurrency.

Pundi X recently hosted a meetup in Bogota and the XPOS has been met with a high degree enthusiasm from local supporters and merchants in Colombia and across the region. More details about commercial partnerships will be announced shortly.

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In a meet-up event in Colombia co-organized with NEM Foundation

Country Manager of our South American operations, Joao Victor Mendes, said that plans to expand Pundi X’s footprint were already underway:

“In this part of the world, cryptocurrency is the subject of growing demand, especially in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

We’re recruiting new staff; our first batch of the XPOS device has already shipped here and we have local partnerships already signed. Signs point to the Pundi X POS receiving a very warm welcome in South America”.

Stay tuned for more details!

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