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Dear Pundians,

At Consensus: Invest 2018 in New York, we introduced the QEX fund in partnership with Quantum Energy Asset Management (QEAM).

Quantum Energy Asset Management (QEAM), which houses the investment resources required to run QEX, is incorporated in Singapore and will be led by its Chief Executive Officer, Vic Tham. Vic is currently also Pundi X’s Chief Investment Officer.

Vic has over three decades of experience in banking and securities, including as the former Chief Operating Officer, Asia Pacific, for Global Transaction Services at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and as the former Chief Risk Officer at Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing.

Vic will be joined by QEAM’s Chief Operating Officer, Fen Chao Yong, who is the former head of a fixed income market making and credit derivatives business at United Overseas Bank, Singapore. Both Vic and Fen Chao are licensed fund managers in Singapore.

QEX leverages the domain expertise and experience in the financial services industry of its portfolio managers, and access to our technical and product experts at Pundi X and our Function X blockchain ecosystem.

Function X is our new forthcoming blockchain and supports extending the uses for blockchain beyond financial transfers to include sending and publishing data of all kinds in a truly decentralized way and without intermediaries. It was recently used to make the world’s first blockchain-based phone call and more.

“We see an immense opportunity for private equity investments in cutting edge technological developments, particularly in Asia and in industries such as Fintech and blockchain,” Vic said. “What makes us unique is the power of two — combination of deep tech and finance investment approach. QEX will be built on that intersection”.

The QEX fund will consist of venture capital and private equity assets at about 70% of the portfolio, and the remaining in traditional liquid assets, which includes listed equities and corporate bonds, and alternative assets like properties and derivatives. The new fund, QEX Fund SP (QEX), is a hybrid fund open to accredited investors. It targets a USD 100 million fund size and plans to officially launch in January 2019.

We look forward further growth of the Function X ecosystem in the near future.


Zac Cheah
CEO and Co-Founder
Pundi X