With the growing landscape of blockchain and information technology, security is paramount. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing XBounty, our bug bounty reward program for security experts. This program will allow security professionals, white-hat hackers, developers and enthusiasts to test, find, report issues and work with us.

What is XBounty?

In basic terms, it is rewarding individuals for finding critical security issues with our software. Many sites and companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, many Fortune 500 companies, etc. all run some sort of bug bounty program. This allows white hat hackers to report software vulnerabilities that have the potential to be exploited by malicious people or groups.

Why are we doing this?

We take great pride in our development team. We use cutting edge technology, latest security guidelines and tools, etc. However, we are only a small group of people and need a collective effort in support of enhanced security for better products.

As blockchain technology evolves, new exploits are being discovered daily. This program will allow us access to very seasoned security professionals accustomed and familiar with the latest exploits. They will be able to report any vulnerabilities found and be rewarded for that discovery. All the while, ensuring we deliver a secure and stable platform, we will be running this program on a reputable Bug Bounty site. This will ensure access to KYC verified individuals who do this either as a hobby or professionally.

Full details will be released in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned. If any suggestions, you can email to bounty@pundix.com.