We are excited to announce that we have onboarded Philippine digital marketing firm Ambidextr as a partner merchant, enabling the latter to accept cryptocurrencies as payment options for its services. It’s the first Philippine-based business to accept crypto payments through Pundi X.

With the partnership, clients who wish to avail of Ambidextr’s advertising services will be able to pay for them using one of the various cryptocurrencies supported by the Pundi X payment ecosystem that supports over 16 tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), XEM, and Pundi X’s own token, the NPXS. This allows both Ambidextr and its clients to experience more secure and more seamless payments powered by the blockchain technology.

“Our partnership with Ambidextr proves that our technology can enable crypto payments for a variety of use cases,” said Zac Cheah, Co-founder and CEO of Pundi X. “While the XPOS continues to empower brick-and-mortar merchants all over the world, this partnership gives businesses a safer way to pay for not just products but services as well, furthering our commitment of making blockchain more accessible for everyone.”

“At Ambidextr, we believe in harnessing the power of technology to optimize processes, and that carries over to our payments,” said Junie Agcaoili, Managing Partner of Ambidextr. “We’re honored to partner with Pundi X in enabling our clients to not only be exposed to cryptocurrency but also to experience for themselves its numerous benefits.”

Digital payments for digital marketing

Ambidextr will be accepting crypto payments through the XWallet, Pundi X’s mobile app that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies and facilitates smooth transactions. Clients who wish to pay for Ambidextr’s services such as media relations, events management, and inbound marketing through cryptocurrency will only need to download the XWallet app, top it up with a crypto asset of their choice, and scan Ambidextr’s QR code to complete the transaction.

“Paying with crypto not only makes the transaction safer, it also makes it more seamless for both parties,” explained Cheah. “The merchant will have an easier time tracking its clients’ payments, while customers will be able to manage all of their transactions all within a simple mobile wallet.”

For Sofia Galve, Business Development Director of Ambidextr, she sees this partnership as a way to increase the awareness of blockchain and cryptocurrency not only among Philippine businesses, but also in the Philippine market as a whole. With adoption of crypto payments and digital transactions as a whole still low in the Philippines, where only one percent of all transactions are done electronically, Galve hopes that these added payment options would highlight the ease and convenience of blockchain-enabled transactions to more Filipinos.

Ambidextr’s QR Code

“While cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been talked about more in the past few years, Filipinos are still largely unaware of its numerous benefits. That’s why we decided to accept payment for our content marketing services via the XWallet,” she explained. “Market education is crucial in driving adoption of these cutting-edge solutions, and we want to help usher in a new era of financial services.”

Ambidextr joins Pundi X’s global network of partner merchants, which are present in over 30 countries. The partnership also opens up its services to the over 400,000 users of XWallet around the world.

About Ambidextr

Backed by Future Now Ventures, Ambidextr is a full-service content marketing studio, Ambidextr is the communications arm of some of Asia Pacific’s leading tech companies, who the company partners with to usher in the future through great content and creative. The scope of work is medium- and channel-agnostic, including an editorial press, the sharp eye of a visual studio, and the user empathy of a design consultancy. For more information, please visit http://ambidextr.media

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