Dear Pundians,

Time flies as February is a relatively short month of the year. In this month, we see COVID-19 has posed an evolving risk to the world and resulted in the cancellation of several large global events in some countries. At Pundi X, we are cautious about the development and encourage our staff to take measures to protect themselves. Nonetheless, this month saw us opening our doors to new opportunities as we continuously work hard to set our solutions in motion.

Here’s a rundown of what happened over the last few weeks:

Product Development and Partnerships

XPOS presented in Ingenico Paytech Summit 2020

Ingenico is constantly looking into innovative payment solution of the future. This year in Ingenico’s global partner meeting, Paytech Summit, Pundi X Co-Founder and CEO Zac Cheah had the opportunity to demonstrate how to conduct blockchain-based digital assets instantly with our XPOS platform on the Ingenico device on stage. The Summit presented a great opportunity to engage Ingenico’s customers and partners, who are mostly key players in the digital innovation landscape.

Pundi X and MakerDAO launched Crypto Merchant program in Latin America

Joined forces with MakerDAO, we’ve launched Crypto Merchant program promote greater crypto adoption and financial inclusion in Latin American markets. Merchants in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela will be able to get a free XPOS smart device under this program. We start this program in Brazil this month. For a merchant to participate, he or she will receive an XPOS device to grow and expand their business. For further information, check out the details here.

Collaboration with the European University Cyprus

On Feb 28, the European University Cyprus and Pundi X 365, the European entity focusing on blockchain enterprise solution, have signed MoU to explore the best and most productive way of using Blockchain technology that can be adopted by the Cyprus based companies. These include healthcare, legal framework, financial technology (fintech), education technology (edtech), shipping, registry, accreditation, charity and more. In addition, the cooperation aims to issue postgraduate and professional certifications in the field of blockchain technology and to participate in EU programs to implement blockchain technology.

XPOS available on Newegg

To expand our business in the United States and leverage local logistic resource for speedy product delivery, we have listed XPOS smart device on Newegg Business, a popular online retailer of consumer electronics. Now, Newegg’s customers have access to the blockchain hardware product. For further information, check it out here.

Events and Communities

Telegram Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Enecuum in Pundi X Spanish group

Our ecosystem partner Enecuum was generous enough to host an AMA session through its CEO Mikhail Sayfuller. Many Pundians, especially those located in Spain and Argentina, enjoyed the insightful conversation on cryptocurrencies and the partnership between Enecuum and Pundi X.

Trade and earn with Huobi campaign

A couple of weeks ago, together with Huobi Group, we launched a reward for new registered users: a 20% discount for every trade made on Huobi Exchange. Those who are interested can go to this link and register to start trading:

Once the trading process is complete, new registered users will earn a 20% rebate from their trading commission. The rebate will be distributed to the user by the end of the month till May 11, 2020. In addition, a total of 100 lucky users who registered through this link before May 1, 2020 will receive 30,000 NPXS in their Huobi account.

So what are you waiting for? Get on board now! For more information, visit:

Valentine’s Giveaway

Pundi X Crypto Gift group community has organized a campaign to celebrate Valentine’s by giving away a couple of prizes to the members through Twitter. Five winners received 300 ENQ while eight winners received 2000 NPXS. Thank you for organizing such a great campaign!

Telegram AMA sessions with Huobi Group

Pundi X Team held AMA sessions on 21 and 24 February in Huobi global and Vietnamese groups. Those whose questions got picked received a CryptoGift via XWallet. Another AMA sessions were held on 21 and 24 February with Huobi Group in Pundi X global and Russian telegram groups. Ciara Sun, Vice-President of Global Business at Huobi discussed the roadmap of their Huobi token and shared her outlook on the cryptocurrencies space.

AkiColle Festival in Tokyo

Pundi X joined the 13th AkiColle Collection held at Akihabara, Japan. Participants of the festival had the privilege to use Bitcoin, ETH, XEM, NPXS, BNB, QTUM as their payment method to buy their favourite magazines and manga products.

Here’s a wrap for February. We believe that exciting things are coming in the blockchain space in 2020 and Pundi X is proud to be front and center in several innovations across this space. See you next month!

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