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Dear Pundians,

The token removal for Q2 2020 is completed. We took out approximately 48 million tokens (36 million NPXS and 12 million NPXSXEM tokens) from their respective total supplies.

The amount of the token removal in this quarter is higher than Q1 2020.

After the Q2 token removal, the total supply of NPXS is now 258,549,026,523.58 and the total supply NPXSXEM is 44,803,026,125.35

Here are the links of the execution hashes;

36,091,372.28 NPXS tokens were removed from its total supply permanently.

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12,605,199.05 NPXSXEM tokens were taken out from its total supply permanently. You can check out the execution on Binance Chain at

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On June 30 2019, NPXSXEM has been fully migrated to Binance Chain. To learn more, you can visit here.

Q3 2020 token removal schedule

The Q3 removal will be planned in the second week of October 2020.

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Stay safe and healthy!