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Dear Pundians,

The last quarter is just around the corner, so the coming months will definitely be crucial in terms of expanding our presence and improving our products. We are grateful for all the support we’ve received thus far. In August, the value of crypto transactions via XPOS has tripled from the previous month. We hope that you continue to be a part of our work in making blockchain and cryptocurrencies more accessible for all.

That being said, August was another hectic month for us, filled with product updates, partnerships, and conversations. We did an upgrade on our platform, onboarded a new Bitcoin ATM operator, and officially released Crypto Zoo DApp. We also continued to be active in as many locations as possible, from the US to Malta, Singapore, and Japan, among other places, both online and physically.

Below is a recap of all our activities over the last month. We hope you see the amount of work that we put into improving our technologies, and we look forward to your feedback as always.Product Development

Crypto Zoo’s official release

After a long beta testing period, Crypto Zoo was officially released in August 2020.

Crypto Zoo is a tool to hedge future expectations by leveraging ‘time value’ in a highly volatile market while providing a price floor. Bull and Bear in the Crypto Zoo DApp are conceptually similar to options products: they are designed to hedge future fluctuations in today’s value. In short, it functions like an insurance product that provides a price floor to protect the initial principal while opening a position to take advantage of the expected direction of the market.

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NPXS holders can enjoy transaction fee discounts and referral bonuses with Crypto Zoo. The more NPXS they lock in the DApp, the higher level you will be in and the higher percentage of rebate you will get. For example, if you lock 3,000,000 NPXS, you will get a 10% rebate from the Crypto Zoo transaction fee your friends have and a 10% fee discount when purchasing plans.

Pundi X is now a member of the VerifyVASP Alliance

VerifyVASP Alliance, a governing body meant to give further transparency into the world of digital transactions, recently welcomed Pundi X as its newest member. To comply with the Travel Rule set out by FATF, financial institutions must share and report relevant transaction information in the hopes of cutting down on money laundering activities. This comes at an extremely important time for all Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASP) to operate in a regulated environment, as the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated rapid digitization around the world.

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On-chain deposit and KYC added to XPOS merchant portal

We’ve also added an on-chain deposit feature for merchants to deposit USDT or DAI without going through the manual process. Now merchants have three options to deposit for their Crypto Sales account, including off-chain deposit and transfer from Cashier account.

Partnerships and merchant adoption

HYVE collaborates Pundi X

Maltese autonomous task platform HYVE announced a partnership with Pundi X and its plan to issue 20,000 co-branded XPASS Cards. Now, HYVE users have a more efficient and easier way to cash out their earnings. For more information, click here.

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Pundi X and Equibytes

Another step towards easier crypto transactions! Montreal-based money-services business and Bitcoin ATM operator Equibytes has onboarded XPOS and become a distributor. Equibytes is now responsible for distributing Pundi X’s XPOS point-of-sale devices in Eastern Canada while Pundi X will help ensure that Equibytes transactions are faster, more efficient, and secure.

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Merchant in Slovenia

On 19 August, we officially welcomed the first XPOS merchant in Slovenia.

Biblioteca oculta, Japan

Biblioteca oculta, an interesting bookshop in Japan, now accepts crypto transactions via XPOS.


Leading Japanese incubation platform Binarystar is now on board as Pundi X’s latest strategic partner, incorporating the XPOS machines into its operations. Together, Binarystar will leverage its staking technologies to maximize the efficiency of blockchain’s use in business.

Colorado, USA

We’re glad to announce that Pundi X has delivered XPOS devices this month to a happy customer in Colorado, USA. Not only was the customer happy with the product, but we were able to ship it out in less than a week!

Singapore Polytechnic students present Pundi X

Established in 1954, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is Singapore’s first polytechnic. It has 10 schools that offer 30 full-time diploma courses and three common entry programs for close to 14,000 students. Students of the Singapore Polytechnic Business School have chosen and studied the Pundi X business model to come up with a strategy for mainstream crypto adoption as part of their final year projects.

Here are some of their deliverables:

Crypto market research

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Posts of activation events

Posts of educating the mainstream consumers

Video of how to use XWallet

We are grateful for their creative ideas, efforts, and contributions. Thank you, Singapore Polytechnic!


Telegram AMA with Binance Russian

On 05 August, Pundi X team joined a Telegram AMA hosted by the Russian Binance Community. Melcom Copeland, Director of Global Business Development, and Andreas Harpas, Growth Manager shared the updates of Pundi X’s latest business and tech developments.

Livestream with Lunar Crush

On 19 Aug, we also joined with BTC King, XPOS distributor in the US for a live stream hosted by Lunar Crush. BTC King was very gracious and gave away a PAX A920 contactless payment point of sales device to one lucky business owner in the US.

Telegram AMA with CryptoUniverse

On 31 Aug, Eduard Stere, Community Manager and Developer Relations, joined the Telegram AMA with Crypto Universe. For more information, you can read the full recording of their AMA session right here.

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XPOS Handy Flash Sale

For 24 hours from 08 to 09 August, we’ve offered XPOS Handy devices at US$88 only, almost 44% less than the original price of US$270. Due to the popular demand, Pundi X even saw it fit to extend the offer till midnight (GMT+8) on August 10.

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Celebrating first 100 members of Pundi X Force Telegram group

12 August was a special day, as Pundi X Force, a group of dedicated and engaged Pundi X supporters has recorded 100 members for its newly-established Telegram group. To celebrate, the community opened a contest with prizes of 50K and 70K NPXS token crypto gifts. Follow and join Pundi X Force if you are interested in helping more people to know Pundi X.

Last but not the least, we would like to encourage you to use the Pundi X ecosystem (XPOS, XPASS card, and XWallet) to transfer digital assets with friends, colleagues, and family to reduce the spending on higher gas fee and waiting time these days.

See you all next month 🙂