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Dear Pundians,

As crypto regulations commence in various jurisdiction, our main focus has been working with our existing partners on deployment as well as implementing the mechanisms for compliance and data security. The developers are also working on new products to support Function X blockchain. Here are some highlights from October:


XWallet updates

We continue to work on fixes for our XWallet. In October, we rolled out fixes for personal profile setup issues for specific iPhone models as well as the KYC API return issue. We have also integrated compliance tools, which includes a partner compliance evaluation currently in progress.

We are also happy to announce that another decentralized wallet app development is in progress to support Function X, including full optimization of liquidity, security, and stability as well as developer support and user experience with a new UI.

XPOS updates

There were two major works in progress for October:

  • On-chain transaction: XPOS transaction data will be recorded on the blockchain; and
  • Fiat on-ramp partner inclusion in XPOS merchant portal.

Implementation of Merkle Science’s tool as an anti-money laundering measure

Starting November, we will be working with Merkle Science, a leading provider of blockchain transaction monitoring and intelligence solutions, to prevent the illicit use of cryptocurrencies through our platform.

Merkle Science provides transaction monitoring solutions to authenticate, validate, and perform risk assessments related to transactions on the blockchain. Read more here:


In October, we saw new XPOS merchants from the US, including a former NFL player. Thank you for sharing your XPOS adoption experience on social media and XPOS distributors making it possible. Here are the featured XPOS merchants:

Nick & Mike Bar and Grill

Prosperity Vending and Services

10 Enemies LLC



NovaDAX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Brazil, has listed NPXS/BRL and NPXS/USDT trading pairs. To celebrate the listing, the first 150 users to trade more than 8,000 NPXS from October 21st to November 3rd was to be awarded a bonus of 500 NPXS. Additional 210,000 NPXS were allocated for a surprise awarding campaign, once 150 slots were filled. You can read more at

NPXS and FX available on Uniswap

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NPXS/USDT, NPXS/ETH, and FX/ETH are now listed on the Uniswap liquidity pool. You can list the liquidity or trade NPXS and FX on Uniswap.

Here are the contract addresses:

NPXS Contract : 0xa15c7ebe1f07caf6bff097d8a589fb8ac49ae5b3

FX Contract : 0x8c15ef5b4b21951d50e53e4fbda8298ffad25057

Q3 2020 Token removal

On Oct 10, Pundi X team has removed approximately 36.7 million tokens (22.3 million NPXS and 14.3 million NPXSXEM tokens) from their respective total supplies. After the Q3 token removal, the total supply of NPXS is now 258,526,640,300.56 and the total supply NPXSXEM is 44,788,634,981.98. Here is the link to the execution detail.

Digix XPASS cards are in Pundi X Shop

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XPOS made holding and spending digital gold easy. The Digix XPASS card is now available in the Pundi X store and can be shipped globally. Get yours at

Crypto Zoo Trading Event

Crypto Zoo has teamed up with the Pundi X Community XForce to host a competition. Users were to share the plans purchased on Crypto Zoo, follow @Cryptozoo_live, join Crypto Zoo Telegram, and retweet to enter.

Thank you so much to all participants involved! Below is the announcement of the result. Congratulations 🥳

Limestone Network AMA

Limestone Network launched its AMA video series to talk about Blockchain Empowered Smart Cities. The session focused on how the real estate industry is heading towards smarter and more tech-savvy development. Pundi X has joined the conversation alongside blockchain leaders in Southeast Asia. Visit this link for more details:

BlockchainJam 2020 in Japan

Pundi X Japan participated in the recently held BlockchainJam 2020 in Japan. The event broadcasted Pundi X’s introduction video which was seen by over 1,000 participants!

Watch the recorded livestream at:

GTA Africa 2020

Pundi X has been invited to join the live panel hosted by GTA Africa with esteemed panelists, George Chan from GUUD Africa, Sandra Yao from Thunes, Venkataramani Srivathsan from Olam Group) and Eugene Goh from Monetary Authority of Singapore. You can watch the panel at

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Over 100 community-designed items now available in Pundi X Merchandise store!

We are happy that our merchandise store is getting more traction, with over 100 items designed by our creative community members available in the shop and many more items to come. Also, we have hosted a Holloween giveaway event. Congratulate the three lucky winners!

You can also head over to to browse the current collection. Happy shopping!

Here is a wrap of our October report. We only have less than two months left this year, and as you keep safe, we hope that you also stay tuned and join the conversation on all things blockchain and Pundi X.