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With cryptocurrency and blockchain moving closer than ever to mainstream adoption, various initiatives have cropped up with the aim of enabling people to take advantage of the technologies. After all, cryptocurrency and blockchain represent a safe, secure way for people to finally store their digital assets without the need for third-party institutions.

Dubai-based ZelaaPayAE (ZPAE) sits at the forefront of the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement in the UAE, aiming to promote the use of efficient crypto-centric transactions in the Gulf region. Specifically, ZPAE works to facilitate the click of a button.

In the interest of furthering cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption in the Gulf region, ZPAE is proud to announce deployment of 100 XPOS Handy and 10,000 XPASS cards in the UAE.

ZPAE CEO, Sahil Arora, states that “Pundi X has the technology to empower merchants across the world to deploy easy-to-use blockchain solutions,” Arora said. “We’re excited to bring it to the UAE market.”

Arora refers to the network of XPOS merchants scattered throughout the world. XPOS devices can be used globally to enable cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain anywhere from trendy cafes in Seoul, South Korea, to pubs in New Hampshire, USA. Similarly, the XPASS card makes it easy for customers to use digital assets.

Zac Cheah, Pundi X’s CEO and Co-Founder, shares similar sentiments to Arora. “Any corner of the world where XPOS is, that’s a place where seamless transactions can take place,” he said. “Both ZPAE and Pundi X essentially want the same things, making the blockchain accessible, a no-brainer.”


ZelaaPayAE (ZPAE) was founded with the aim of unlocking the power of cryptocurrency in the Middle East. ZPAE can be found on numerous exchanges such as CoinTiger, JustSwap, Bilaxy, and so much more. The company is responsible for introducing a number of decentralized finance products in the UAE, with much more to come in the future.

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