Dear Pundians,

A few hours ago we realize that both our Medium publication accounts (Pundi X, and Function X, have been labelled as possible violation of Medium rules and taken down temporarily. We also found that imposter’s medium accounts are available to access.

We cannot rule out that this is a malicious act. One possibility is that they will setup a fake Medium publication account pretending to be us and ask you to send your tokens to them or give them your private keys. Please DO NOT send anyone your tokens to receive giveaways, OTP codes and DO NOT give anyone your private keys. Our staffs will never ask you to do so.

If you have a medium account please help us to submit a help request to Medium

Step 1: Send an email to or request a support ticket from
Step 2: Title to appeal, Recover the following publications, and
Step 3: For description, you can use a template below or your own words. “ and is a reliable source of the official crypto and blockchain projects. I’ve realised that it is being flagged as possible violation when there isn’t any. There is a possibility that a malicious party have flag this to you and as the legitimate site is taken down they will setup a fake account at Medium”

In the meantime, you can follow our official communication channels to receive updates.

Pundi X Twitter:
Pundi X Facebook:
Pundi X Newsroom:
Pundi X Instagram:
Pundi X Telegram group:
Pundi X News announcement telegram channel:

Function X Twitter:
Function X Facebook:
Function X Instagram:
Function X Telegram group:
Function X News announcement telegram channel:

With your help, we hope the official medium publications will be recovered soon. Stay vigilant and #growingstrong together.

Zac Cheah
CEO and Co-Founder, Pundi X Labs