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Many of you know that we have been off to a good and busy start in 2021.

In February, we continued building and improving our platform as well as engaging with the community. It’s important to be constantly in touch with our users as we grow our digital footprint. We would like to highlight the fact that Indonesia’s Commodities and Futures Trading Agency (Bappebti) has recently approved NPXS and FX as tradable assets. There are continuous XPOS improvements and growing adoption. You’ll see all of the details in the rundown below.

Again we are grateful for your hearty support and feedback so that we can further improve our solutions and products.


New features added to XPOS distributor and merchant portal

Based on the XPOS merchants’ feedback, we’ve made improvements on the back-end portal for distributors and merchants to support exporting orders from the Cashier module, including the data of order service fee rate, tax rate, commission rate, and other items. For orders from the Crypto Sale module, one can now export the data including device IMEI data, service fee, tax, commission fees, commission paid as well as other data.

Also we have updated the daily transaction limit per XPOS unit. You can view the details here.

If the distributor/merchant needs to increase their XPOS daily limit, send an email to our XPOS customer support (support [at] to get the limits increased beyond the default amount.

f(x)Wallet preview version supports multiple blockchains and integrates Crypto Bank features

Function X developers have released the preview version of the f(x)Wallet, a blockchain wallet that allows users to have their own private keys, swap tokens, and use crypto banking services. It is set to support Bitcoin mainnet, Ethereum mainnet (and testnet), Function X testnet (and more) making it one of the first wallets to support multiple blockchain networks.

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Please note that this is not a custodial wallet like XWallet. Users own their private keys. Please make sure you backup your wallet, write down the recovery phrases and keep them in a safe place.

To give it a spin, download it at


ZPAE will deploy XPOS Handy and XPASS card in the UAE

Dubai-based ZPAE has been promoting the use of efficient crypto-centric transactions in the Gulf region. The company announced its plan to deploy 100 XPOS Handy devices and 10,000 XPASS cards in the UAE.

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New merchant in Haku Hostel, Hokkaido

We welcomed another merchant in Japan, this time in Hokkaido. Haku Hostel is a favorite food and accommodation spot in the region and we’re glad to have them in the family.

Bitcobie offers education discount for Pundians

Bitcobie, XPOS master distributor in Spain, has created a special offer for Pundians, 50% off the educational crypto courses in Spanish! Head over to and input “PUNDIX50” to grab the deal.

XPOS distributors meet in Ghana

BTCKING, our USA distributor, traveled to our Ghanian and met Sahabia, Ghana distributor. We are excited to see XPOS distributors meet each other in person and share their experiences with Pundi X.


FX and NPXS listed on Indonesia’s Commodities and Futures Trading Agency

Co-Founder and CEO Zac Cheah announced that Indonesia’s Commodities and Futures Trading Agency (Bappebti) has approved NPXS and FX as tradable assets. 270 million people in Indonesia can now legally buy and own FX and NPXS — what an accomplishment!

Poll of NPXS Supply Reduction: over 88% participants said “YES”

On February 10, we proposed a plan to reduce the supply of NPXS from 258 billion to 258 million, a deflationary move that will continued to be followed by quarterly token removal. Holders will be required to swap 1000 NPXS for 1 new NPXS token. There will no change in the total value of the new total tokens a user holds after token reduction compared to the total value of the old tokens held before reduction. The NPXS token economy model remains unchanged.

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A poll was held for NPXS holders to participate from 00:00:00 GMT+8 on Feb 16 to 23:59:59 on Feb 22, 2021. In total, there were 201 valid entries choosing YES to the reduction plan and 26 choosing NO. Over 88% of the participants agree with the NPXS reduction plan.

After taking into consideration the poll results, the product roadmap, committee feedback and the market condition, the team has decided to follow the collective feedback and proceed with the token reduction plan. The reduction plan will be executed by the end of March.

We have also received 224,802 NPXS which includes duplicate and error amount entries. As previously announced, these NPXS tokens will be burned at the end of March together with the Q1 2021 burn.

NPXS ranks #1 in volume at Upbit Korea

Binance and enable margin trading for NPXS


Pundi X mentioned in as one of the top Fintech trends to watch in 2021.

2021 is our year — Pundi X was mentioned in this article on the top Fintech trends to watch out for this year. Our XPOS point-of-sale system received a special mention for its ability to allow merchants and consumers alike to transact in digital assets as they would with fiat money.Read 5 fintech trends to watch out for in 2021.

Akicolle Festival in Akihabara, Japan

In early February, we joined manga creators and fans in Akihabara, Japan, where we got to showcase and promote the use of cryptocurrency. There is a good following in the country, and several merchants have enjoyed using our platform to complete their transactions. In this event, participants are able to got a chance to receive a free special version of the XPASS cards.

Pundi X Podcast: Behind the Counter

Want to know more about behind the scene stories about Pundi X and the industry trend? This month we launched the first episode of Pundi X Podcast called Behind the Counter. It is available on Apple and Spotify. In this episode, Pundi X’s Chief Legal Counsel David Ben Kay talks about crypto, blockchain and compliance.

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3D Lunar New Year treasure hunt

NFT and NPXS were up for grabs at a 3D treasure hunt prepared by the Pundian community on February 12. Minato Design (@DesignMinato) announced the winners on Twitter.

Valentine’s Day community giveaways

Pundi X Supporter Community spreads some love to the Pundians on Valentine’s Day with an NPXS giveaway campaign and promotion of #useXPOS.

And there you have our monthly report for February. We are grateful to have many Pundians to grow together with and continue to make this Pundi X community stronger. Crypto mass adoption has just started. Let’s continue helping more people to learn about the usage of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Look forward to seeing you next month 🙂