Introducing clean-to-earn ROBOX

Waking up in the morning and you look around and your room is still messy? Well, if you are good at physics, you can blame entropy. There is a tendency in nature for systems to proceed toward a state of greater disorder or randomness. Entropy is a measure of the degree of randomness or disorder of a system.

Okay, enough of physics. Let’s go to the solution.

Introducing ROBOX, the world’s first blockchain-based cleaning robot that rewards you with cryptocurrency for cleaning your room.

ROBOX connects directly to the Pundi X Chain, the payment chain powered by Function X. It can transmit the cleaning data in real-time thanks to the Laser-eye® 4D scanner and Wi-Fi connection, then convert to the crypto reward payout. All you need to do is to pair your f(x)Wallet with ROBOX, power on ROBOX, sit back and earn while it is cleaning.

The Laser-eye® 4D scanning technology enables ROBOX to perform in a sophisticated way so that it will vacuum all the surfaces that dusk is detected or even small particles that cannot be seen by the human eyes. It also avoids possible collision of any physical objects. Therefore, you can go to work or enjoy other activities and let ROBOX do the cleaning for you.

When ROBOX is done cleaning, it will return back to its base, called XBASE to recharge and auto self-cleaning. While resting on the XBASE, PURSE token rewards will also be transferred to your paired wallet based on the cleaning data collected.

The best thing about Laser-eye® 4D scanning technology is that it knows when your room is untidy. It will trigger ROBOX to start cleaning on its own once you cross the limits, again. And you can earn tokens as a passive income.

According to Statista, revenue in the smart home appliances segment is projected to reach US$48 billion in 2022. Clean-to-earn appliances can expand to not only vacuum cleaners but also to washing machines, dishwashers, window washers and more. This is a great reward mechanism to keep our home clean and fight virus transmission.

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