Okay, let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

XPOS, the leading blockchain-based point-of-sale device, received an extraordinarily unknown yet revolutionary new feature that has the potential to transform the world of payment processing. Introducing “Crystal Ball Crypto Pricing Oracle” which is the first of its kind and is set to excite merchants and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

With the Crystal Ball Crypto Pricing Oracle, XPOS devices are equipped with a crystal ball that uses cutting-edge AI algorithms GPT-777 (code name Lucky 7) to predict future crypto prices with unparalleled accuracy. This exciting new feature is poised to revolutionize the way businesses approach payment processing, giving both merchants and customers the ability to pay and accept payments in the right cryptocurrency at the right time, ensuring maximum profit and minimum loss for both of them.

Crystal ball technology takes into account a variety of factors such as historical data, market trends, crypto trading volume, wash trading order detection of both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges, and even the real-time social media sentiment. This makes it possible to generate accurate predictions about future prices, providing users with valuable insights and informed crypto payment decisions. During the checkout process, the oracle will deliver the customers the signal via crystal ball on the XPOS to hold which tokens that will increase their value in the near future and spend the ones that will not.

Because of integrating this technology into XPOS, merchants can also accept payments and convert them into the right cryptocurrency with a simple tap on the crystal ball.

However, the Crystal Ball Crypto Pricing Oracle is a very nascent technology and still needs some more development to be perfect. Therefore, we have decided to open hiring positions for Wizards. If you are an experienced wizard and would like to share with us your thought and join the Crystal Ball Crypto Pricing Oracle team, please send an email to support@pundix.com

Looking inside the crystal ball now, the future is bright! X, Yellow, Lucky and bright!