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Monthly report: a recap of activities in July

Hello and welcome to another roundup of our activities for the month. July saw our presence in Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Switzerland, Taipei, and Turkey. We work relentlessly to spread the awareness of the Pundi X project and meet our partners.

Conference / Meet-up

Pundi X first meetups in Colombia

To continue the fever of Bitcoin Summer Fest 2018, we will host our first community meetups in Colombia! There will be two meetups in different cities. One will be in Medellín and the other will be in Bogotá. We are happy to announce that Joao Victor, our Blockchain Researcher, will be speaking. We also would like to say big thanks to our partners at NEM for hosting the Bogotá meetup with us.

Conference / Meet-up

Pundi X will speak at the Blockchain Applications and Economics Forum 2018 and host a meetup in Manila

Held at the SMX Convention Center from May 28 -30 in Taguig, Metro Manila, the Blockchain Applications and Economics Forum 2018 will bring together potential enterprises, business leaders, governments and blockchain investors to access the possibility of blockchain applications.

Conference / Meet-up

Pundi X meetup events in May

Join and meet us in Korea, China, Netherlands, Vietnam and more! After our participation in Consensus 2018, we continue hosting events in different countries to spread the words about Pundi X and how XPOS can facilitate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency to warm up the launch of our new XPOS devices. Here is a list… Continue reading Pundi X meetup events in May