Business progress update: American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Bithumb, and Educo-op collaboration


On May 18, an invitation-only meetup hosted by Educo-co and Pundi X took place in Seoul, Korea. Around 80 participants attended. Pundi X presented the latest progress of the project.

Demoing the new XPOS device

Danny Lim, CFO and Co-founder, revealed the latest version of XPOS device, which are made for the pilot deployment. The new model can provide support of NFC-enabled and credit card payments.


You can also watch the video took by our community member:

Signed MoU with American Chamber of Commerce in Korea

Danny Lim (left) and Jeffrey Jones, Pundi X advisor and Chairman of Board of Directors AMCHAM Korea

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Since Pundi X point-of-sale solution serves as a gateway of bringing blockchain-based crypto transactions into mainstream adoption, the company is now working closely with merchants, exchanges and relevant organizations for deployment in Korea.

In the meetup, Pundi X announced a partnership with American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) in Korea. AMCHAM will support, introduce, and promote Pundi X solution to its members, including McDonald, Nike, Starbucks, Aston Martin and more to deploy and expand its crypto payment network.

Discussion about integrating Bithumb platform for liquidation

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Bithumb plans to allow mainstream consumers to conduct crypto transactions in the physical retail stores and has an interest in Pundi X solution. Pundi X is currently in the discussion with Bithumb in regards to integrate the platform. Once the detail is finalized, Bithumb will become Pundi X exchange partner to provide liquidity for merchants.

Educo-op and Pundi X will bring blockchain technology to over 3,200 universities and education institutions in Korea


Educo-op, a blockchain platform leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to channel the best use of users’ lifelong education records for academic or career assistance. Pundi X will become the payment solution provider to allow Educo-op users to utilize the Educo-op tokens-WEDU to redeem content, services and goods in the partnered universities and education institutions.

Backed by the Korean government and renowned academies, Educo-op aims to solve the issues resulting from the lack of individual accumulated education data and to pursue the fairness of academic admission and careers. The project has already established partnership with governmental and private educational and vocational institutions, such as VITAEDU Group, HACKERS PASS, DAPASS, Professional Academy for Teacher Certificate, the largest publisher in Noryangjin Opbook, and the largest bookstore in Noryangjin, Suwon-Top Nursing Academy and ENT career experience center. VITAEDU Group is a large private education enterprise in Korea.The group consists of five large academies for university admission and civil service examination, career academies, and about 3,200 franchise academies for all school ages.

Educo-op will deploy Pundi XPOS devices in the partnered schools and institutions, making blockchain-based transactions available for WEDU token users.

More and more merchants, academic and governmental organizations are seeing the benefit of the blockchain technology and exploring the blockchain implementation. We are excited to be part of it. Do stay tuned for our development in Korea.