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Q1 2023 Progress Report

Dear Pundians, Thank you for joining our Q1 2023 Progress Report. Those who couldn’t join it live can watch the video version by visiting our YouTube Channel. XPOS development Pundi X Chain Validators The Pundi X Chain Validators run full nodes and participate in consensus by broadcasting votes that contain cryptographic signatures. The community has already participated in securing validators, […]

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Embracing Bitcoin: Why we think the banks should embrace the cryptocurrency revolution

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have been making waves in the financial world. As the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has not only spawned a plethora of other digital currencies but has also generated immense interest from investors, businesses, and individuals alike. As the market capitalization of Bitcoin continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important for traditional financial […]

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Pundi X completed the registration with FINTRAC as money services business in Canada

Pundi X is now registered with FINTRAC as the Money Service Business in Canada. This registration enables Pundi X to conduct virtual currency and payment service provider businesses in the country, and marks an important milestone in the company’s expansion efforts. “We are thrilled to complete this registration from Money Service Business, which allows us to offer our innovative blockchain-based payment solutions […]

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Monthly report: a recap of activities in February 2023

Pundi X had an exciting month filled with meaningful events and developments that have continued to solidify XPOS’s position as a leading builder in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Here are some of the highlights from February: PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT First Pundi X Chain governance proposal is out In a bid to increase transparency, Pundi X has made its first governance […]


Pundi X Onboards Binance Pay to Offer Seamless Crypto Transactions

Pundi X proudly announces its latest partnership with Binance Pay. This partnership will bring Binance Pay, Binance’s payment service, to Pundi X’s XPOS devices, enabling thousands of merchants across 30 countries to accept payments in cryptocurrencies more easily. Binance Pay, backed by Binance, allowing users to easily manage their crypto assets and complete transactions from their Binance account. Additionally, Binance […]

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Monthly report: a recap of activities in January 2023

Dear Pundians, January was a great month for us. We finalized our roadmap in 2023 and launched tools to make Pundi X Chain more decentralized. It’s the month that we set up our goals and lay the foundation for 2023. Let’s talk about the most important updates, and first off: Product development. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DAO voting mechanism is launched on […]

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AHBAP official crypto donation account approved by MASAK to help the earthquake victims in Türkiye

Pundi X calls for crypto communities across the globe to step up and help Haluk Levent, the founder of AHBAP, the charity organization, as well as a famous singer in Türkiye has created a crypto wallet address on BNB Smart chain to help the earthquake victims in Türkiye. These crypto addresses are approved by MASAK, Financial Crimes Investigation Board under […]

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The first Pundi X Chain governance proposal voting starts now

The applications of Pundi X Validators are way more than expected, a total of 43 applications were received. Thank you to the community for your support and enthusiasm. In response to the high participation rate, a governance proposal to increase the total active validators of Pundi X Chain from the current 20 to 50 is submitted to This is the first […]


A look at how nations and governments are re-examining crypto’s intrinsic value

Developing nations have been big on crypto. Reports listing the countries with the biggest cryptocurrency use will point you to Vietnam, the Philippines, and Ukraine as the top three. Some use crypto like Bitcoin as an inflation hedge, others use it as an alternative to their country’s weak fiat currency, and others use crypto to get around remittance transaction fees. Yet, […]

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Q4 2022 Progress Report

Dear Pundians, Thank you for joining our Q4 2022 Progress Report. For those who couldn’t join it live, you can watch the video version by visiting our YouTube Channel. Together with us from the Pundi X team across the globe here are CEO & Co-Founder, Zac, Chief Liaison Officer, Balan, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Peko, Director of Finance, Lovely, Director of […]


Pundi X roadmap in 2023

Dear Pundians, Happy 2023! Hope you all have a great start of the year. We see more and more people reckoning the importance of storing their digital assets in the blockchain wallet so that they own their private keys. At Pundi X, we have provided options for crypto users to pay or buy crypto with their preferred wallets so that […]

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All about Bitcoin Lightning Network

Faster transaction for Bitcoin payment Bitcoin Lightning Network was recently made available on XPOS. The inclusion of Lightning Network promises to make crypto transactions through XPOS efficient and increasingly make Bitcoin accessible. Its integration into XPOS brings Pundi X one step closer to its goal of bringing decentralization to the masses. But what exactly is Bitcoin Lightning Network? The Bitcoin Lightning […]

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A look back at Pundi X in 2022

Earlier this year, we at Pundi X predicted that 2022 would be a year full of adventures and opportunities. We’re humbled to say that we’ve been proven right ten times over. 2022 saw both major improvements to our flagship products and the introduction of new initiatives. This was beneficial for both crypto users and Pundi X itself. Whether it’s more […]


Monthly report: a recap of activities in November 2022

Dear Pundians, We are almost approaching the end of 2022. It’s no double that this year has been a challenging one, especially for those in the crypto market. It’s a lesson for those operating and providing crypto services that they need to focus on transparency, corporate governance, risk management, and consumer protection to rebuild their confidence. Also, the users are […]


Pundi X joins ​​Próspera to build a crypto-friendly zone for Bitcoin adoption

To spread crypto adoption, Singapore-based blockchain solutions provider Pundi X will be giving away free XPOS devices with its latest Web 3.0 upgrade to successfully-verified merchants during the Próspera Fintech Festival to be held from November 18 to 20 in Roatán, Honduras. XPOS, the world-first blockchain-based point of sale platform, notably allows brick-and-mortar retailers to begin accepting crypto payments with […]