Here are some general purchase guidelines, it will be updated from time to time (last updated: 7th October):

Updates: Ethereum address is live, please send all ETH contributions to this address after 7th October 10:00am GMT+8: 0xb8ce71Af12C54042768EE28EF57c612915b3AD66

KYC Process

In order to bring the highest degree of protection for participants, Pundi X’s token sale is being held in accordance with regulations.

You will be asked questions to protect you and your purchase. The questions takes 2–3 minutes and is in compliance with our Isle of Man’s Financial Service Authority rule including Virtual Currency guideline.

Purchasers have to register in our website to go through the KYC process approval (usually less than 24 hours) before you can start purchasing. KYC process will be open from 4th October until the token sale concludes.

Updates(7th October): KYC approval will now be immediate.

Funding Process

You may fund your purchase using any wallet that you hold your private key. We recommend MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. Please double check MyEtherWallet addresses or MetaMask sources.

Please find the pre token sale address on our medium blog, public telegram channel or website Please triple check the address.

Please choose the amount of Ether you want to send and set the gas limit to “300000” and hit send.

Safety tips

  • Always make sure that you are on our official domain
  • Make sure that you see the “lock” icon and the word “Secure” in the address bar indicating secure connection.
  • The ETH address for transfer will be announced on our website, only use THIS ADDRESS. Please do not use any other addresses, even if someone contacts you via any means saying that he/she is related to Pundi X. (We have taken all safety precautions such as not using Slack channel which is vulnerable to such scam attacks, nonetheless please take extra precautions. Other token sales have had cases where purchasers fell prey to private messages in chat channels)
  • Please do not purchase from public exchanges such as Kraken or Coinbase. Only purchase from wallets which you have ownership of the private key.
  • You may transfer from the ETH address that you stipulated in your KYC registration process (and remember step 4) or any other ETH addresses so long you pass the KYC.

Finally, have fun purchasing!

For further enquiries, please drop us comments on in this blog post.