Five reason why X Pass card is very safe.

1) What if my balance get stolen (lost card) ?

X Pass does not store any balance. What it stores is a passcode and authentication data.

After authenticating user identity, X POS device will read the balance from the server, hence your balance is always safe from theft.

2) What is on the card ?

It has 
* a QR code
* a protected passcode 
* a PUK code (packaging of the card)

3) How to bind an X Pass card to wallets safely ?

User can bind the card to apps easily.

You scratch the protected passcode to unveil the passcode. Use the passcode to bind to apps that support X Pass card. The passcode will be invalidated and no one can bind your card the second time.

There is a recovery method to bind your X Pass card twice, that is to use the PUK Code on the card packaging (when you first bought it), or get an SMS verification sent to your mobile number, or simply use the private key that you hold.

4) What should I do if I lose my card?

Login to Pundi X website, use the “lock card” feature, and enter your PUK code to lock it. Once the card is lock, you can get a new Pundi X Pass card and transfer your balance to a new card. (possible since balance is not in your card but in the server)

Hence the card and the PUK code should always be kept separately:

5) How do I retrieve my private key?

You can retrieve your card’s private key by inputing the PUK code into Pundi X website. The private key is never stored in the card.

Your private key and other information will be mailed to you. You are now in true possession of your own private key and all the cryptocurrency in it.

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