We want to share with you the some of the progress we have achieved in the past six weeks:

Pre sale concluded

We are proud to conclude our pre sale with 4 million USD raised in cryptocurrency.

XPOS device launched

BTC, ETH, PXS live buy and sell
BTC. ETH. PXS live fiat to crypto price conversion
[progress] NEM, Qtum and Achain live buy and sell

Working device with even more features

Pundi X wallet app launch

Card binding
Shop using crypto
Security features
QR code scanning
Crypto live price cno
connecting to fiat

App Interface of X Wallet inside Pundi-Pundi

XPOS merchant management system

XPASS card

Public card
Security card

New purchasers

Institutions: Nem (via Lon Wong), Qtum, Digix, BankToTheFuture and others.
Individuals: Miko Matsumura, Prof David Lee, Lon Wong, David Ben Kay, Kenneth Oh, Ken Tachibana and others.

Events outreached

We have engaged in 12 offline speaking events in 6 weeks — Singapore(3), Seoul(1), Tokyo(1), Hong Kong(1), Bali(1), Jakarta(4), NYC(1). Upcoming events in December will be Miami, Madrid, Singapore and more.

Pundi X CFO Danny Lim speaking to the crowd at Singapore Fintech Festival

Compliance and AML/KYC

Our token sales is registered and conducted in Isle of Man. We have started working with FSA of Isle of Man to perform code audit, new fraud database and enhanced ID verification. We are doing our best to comply with the rules and regulations.

Pilot Merchants

Across major Asian cities we are rolling out XPOS devices for pilot testing.

One of the pilot cafes in Singapore

Singapore office

We have setup an operation office in Singapore. It is our third office after Jakarta and Shenzhen.

10 Anson Road
International Plaza
Singapore (079903)


NEM (integration as private chain settlement)
XPOS consortium (next generation blockchan payment partnerships)
Qtum (Qtum ecosystem device)
Digix (listing tokens)
Aditus (luxury merchant partnerships and listing tokens)
Appsolutely (LoyalCoin, LoyalWallet, XPOS partnership in the Philippines)
WandX (listing tokens in XPOS, and device roll out in India)
Opporty (token usage in market place and listing of Opporty tokens)
CannaSOS (North America dispensary XPOS roll out and CannaSOS token listing )
U.CASH (Canada and North America XPOS and token partnerships)

Community Activity

We are proud that our several community is growing strong, we have started our X-PERT council, and our social media presence is ever growing.

An active community including Facebook

Online outreach

We are also grateful to be covered by many media outlets through out the six weeks including Forbes, CoinTelegraph, CNN and others.

Kiki (President) and Zac (CEO) speaking with CNN