Hi Pundians,

Exciting times, exciting projects, exciting opportunities.

In light of the tremendous support we have received during the public Pre-Sales as well as the increasing interest we have received from institutional players (we just had a great week at the Singapore Fintech Festival and received great feedback from some respected people) which opened new avenues of development and growth possibilities for our platform and POS, we have decided to take the time to better explore the new avenues and delay our full Token Sales 8 weeks.

This is the new crowd sale date:

21st January 16:00–31st January 16:00 GMT+8

Apart from the changed dates, we want to do several things:

For Pre-Sales participants (7th Oct — 28th Oct):

We want to thank you again for all the support you have given. On top of the free 10% unlock which we have given this week, we will share another 5% unlock to pre sales participants, and you will also be able to claim the unlocked token which you are entitled for December and January.

For Extended Pre-Sales participants (21st Nov — 27th Nov):

We will allow all whitelisted participants who are slated for the crowd sale on 20th November to continue purchasing in what we call “Extended Pre-Sales” from 21st November 16:00 GMT+8 till 27th November 16:00 GMT+8. You will also be able to claim the Dec and Jan unlocked token. We will limit the participation to 6060ETH (~USD2 million). Please look at the new table below and we will have an Extended Pre-Sales purchase guidelines shortly.

For all Pre-Sales participants (7th Oct — 27th Nov):

You will be able to claim your unlocked tokens after Sales. Participants who join during crowd sale will not be entitled for the 1st December and 1st January unlocked token.

For Token crowd sale participants (21st Jan — 31st Jan):

The Token crowd sale will be shortened to 11 days lasting from 21st January 16:00 to 31st January 16:00 GMT+8.

Basic rate for 1 ETH: 1666.67 PXS subject to terms and conditions. The initial receiving token is 500 PXS (30%) and the rest of the 1166.67 PXS (70%) will be unlocked in the next 36 months on a monthly basis. Pre-Sales participants will get extra token bonus.

Note: The crowd sales participants will be not be entitled to claim the Dec 2017 and Jan 2018 unlocked token.

A new hardcap

In order to create bigger growth rooms post Token Sales, we are also reducing our new hard cap from 280,000 to 100,000 ETH, equivalent to about 30 million USD. The rationale behind is that purchasers want to see a bigger growth possibility and with 100,000 ETH (30 million USD) the growth multiples will be higher.

About 4 million were raised from Pre-Sales. We have also concluded several institutional purchase and will announce the amount together with the extended Pre-Sales results.


Finally, we’d like to thank everyone for the support, please take a look at what Pundi X have done for the past six weeks and our new 2nd generation XPOS device. With the new timeline we will be able to serve the community better.


-Zac Cheah

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