A guideline for Extended Pre-sale participants (21st Nov — 27th Nov) :

All KYC whitelisted participants including Pre-sale rounds are eligible to join the Extended Pre-Sales on 21st November 16:00 till 27th November 16:00 GMT+8.

You may purchase in ETH, BTC, NEM and QTUM(soon).

In order to participate, please visit our website at https://pundix.com. Please input the email you used to KYC white list. After inputting the address you will be directed to the participation page.

The participation address for each type of cryptocurrency will be shown right after we validate your KYC identity:

https://pundix.com purchase page

Please triple check various source of information on our website https://pundix.com , our blog https://medium.com/pundix and our telegram group pinned message https://t.me/pundix

We will cap the Extended Pre-Sales participation to cryptocurrency worth USD2 million.

This is the discount cap table you will get on the Extended Pre Sales duration. Taking into account the token unlocking you will be eligible for two months before the Crowd Sale starts, you will then be eligible to claim up to a bigger amount of bonus by the time the official Crowd Sale.

In other words, if you have contributed during this Extended Pre-Sales, your bonus until Crowd Sale day is 30.16724–80.16724%

Safety tips

  • Always make sure that you are on our official domain https://pundix.com.
  • Make sure that you see the “lock” icon and the word “Secure” in the address bar indicating secure connection.
  • There is only ONE address for each cryptocurrency purchase, we now accept ETH, BTC, NEM and QTUM.
  • If someone contacts you via any means saying that he/she is related or representing Pundi X please do not trust and always double check (We have taken all safety precautions such as not using Slack channel which is vulnerable to such scam attacks, nonetheless please take extra precautions. Other Crowd Sales have had cases where purchasers fell prey to private messages in chat channels).
  • Please do not purchase from public exchanges such as Kraken, Bitcoin.co.id or Coinbase. Only purchase from wallets which you have ownership of the private key such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Trezor, Nano Ledger and Electrum.
  • You may transfer from the ETH/BTC/NEM/QTUM address that you stipulated in your KYC registration process or any other addresses so long you pass the KYC.

Finally, it’s time to confirm your PXS tokens (we are using MyEtherWallet as an example)

Go to MyEtherWallet.com or your favorite wallet of choice, and “view wallet info” > “check token balance”.

Step 4: check token balance via “view wallet info”

If the token balance is not already listed, just add the information below:

Token Symbol:PXS
Decimal: 18

Step 5: add PXS into MyEtherWallet wallet if not already displayed

Note: MyEtherWallet automatically adds new tokens after a while, so you could just wait. If you see the token in the list twice in the future, just delete the one you created. You are not losing your balance, it just solves the display error.

You’re done! Thanks and if you have any questions do not hesitate to visit our telegram group on https://t.me/pundix to ask our moderators.