How to purchase using NEM & QTUM tokens

We are delighted to have receive support from both great foundations, especially personal support from NEM president Lon Wong, and QTUM founder and CEO Patrick Dai.

These are the participation instructions:

  1. You may participate using NEM and QTUM like the way you do with BTC or ETH.
  2. We will record down the sender address and also the sender email once participation takes place. PXS will not be generated automatically after participation.
  3. We will generate the tokens at a later stage before the end of ICO. The corresponding tokens that you will receive will be either be in PXSQRC (in the case of QTUM participation) or PXSXEM (in the case of NEM participation) or ERC20 tokens pending on our discussion outcome with NEM and QTUM foundations.
  4. After the discussion we will contact all participants about the outcome and you will also have the freedom to choose to token type of your choice. NEM and QTUM participants can choose to receive their tokens in PXS (ERC20 tokens), the choice is decided by the participants.
  5. All benefits including unlocks will be enjoyed by all token holders — PXSXEM, PXSQRC, or PXS.
  6. We will also make sure that the exchange listing dates are the same for all three tokens, so will the unlock and burn rates (base on the ratio of each group of tokens in the pool).


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