Blockchain and cryptocurrency are hot topics among the participants of Davos World Economic Forum 2018.

While wrapping up our token sale, Pundi X team continue its mission of making ways for cryptocurrencies to the real economy. Pundi X CEO Zac Cheah and CFO Danny Lim, went to Davos to participate the blockchain events at World Economic Forum.

Zac spoke at a panel about the future of secure digital identity in the One World Blockchain Forum today.

Lea Tarnowski (left), Zac Cheah(center), and Tony Rose (right) spoke about how digital wallets enable consumers to take custodianship of digital money and identity.

He was also interviewed by Swiss Finance + Technology Association at the Ukraine House after the panel discussion.

Participants at World Economic Forum are very interested in the latest development of the blockchain and cryptocurrency as the market value of cryptocurrencies increased significantly. Moreover, the blockchain technology is bringing disruption to the current finance service, making cross-border payments, trade finance and syndicated loans become more efficient.

At Pundi X, we believe that cryptocurrencies will play a bigger role in the future as it will move beyond the trading exchange platforms and put into real world use cases. They will facilitate financial inclusion when they become widely used by the mainstream.