It is the time of the month to get ready for more PXS!

Photo by on Unsplash

This month, there are more than 8,000 PXS token holders joining Pundi X family after the we completed our public token sale on January 21, 2018. For many of you, this will be your first time to receive PXS token unlock. This post is to help you to get ready for receiving PXS from the Pundi X unlock. Make sure you follow the instruction closely.

Step 1: Store PXS in a wallet which you have ownership of the private key

The amount of PXS you will get from the unlock is based on how much PXS you hold in your wallet. Again, please make sure you keep your PXS tokens in a wallet which you have ownership of the private key, including but not limited to, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Trezor device and others so that you can safely receive the unlocks.

Step 2: Keep PXS from January 30 to February 5

The team will take a snapshot of how many PXS tokens you have in your wallet stated above (not a wallet from the public exchange) and calculate the amount of the PXS tokens for the unlock in February. The bonus of this month and onward is 7.316%. Please make sure you keep your PXS there from 23:59 GMT+8 (Singapore time) on January 30 to 23:59 GMT+8 (Singapore time) on February 5.

  • WARNING: Please do not keep your PXS in the wallets at public exchanges because you will not get the unlock when keeping your PXS tokens in the public exchange wallets!!

Step 3: Wait for the unlock

Just wait. The extra PXS tokens will be unlocked to your wallet stated above (NOT to a wallet from the public exchange) by February 10th, 2018.

Starting from March, all the PXS token holders will have to execute smart contract to get unlocks. It will be a 2-steps process. We will make a step-by-step guide to instruct you later in February.

When will be the token split happening?

As announced on January 13, we will perform the token split. For every PXS you have, you will receive 999 extra PXS tokens. In other words, if you have 1 PXS token now, you will have 1,000 PXS tokens in total after the split.

We will execute the token split starting from February 1 to 5, 2018. You will receive the spilt tokens through unlock.