Thank you for your support and participation on our token sale on Jan 21. The team is now wrapping up our token sale and returning the contributions that are not eligible for our public token sale. There are three situations (see the bullet points in bold) that will be refunded. For these participants, we are processing your refund as follows:

  • Contributing over individual hard cap of 5 ETH and not receiving tokens because of the failed transaction.

You can go to to process the return of your excessive contribution. Simply fill in the information it requires and then the system will pull out the record and tell you the amount of your refund. All you have to do is to submit the form. Then it will return to your original contribution address.

  • Not receiving PXS token because of sending ETH from multiple addresses to one Pundi X assigned address

One Pundi X assigned address is for one ETH address only. That’s why your transaction is not eligible. You can go to to process the return. Again, simply fill in the information it requires and then the system will pull out the record and tell you the amount of ETH of your refund.

  • Sending ETH from an exchange wallet

Before kicking off our public token sale, we begged people NOT to send your contribution from a public exchange wallet. We still got some transactions that are failed because of this. For these participants, we decide to return your contribution. However, you need to provide us sufficient information to process your return manually so that we can make sure you receive the refund. Here is how:

  1. Record a video to prove that you own the wallet address that you sent the ETH from a public exchange platform. The video should clearly show you successfully log into your account and show off the record of successful transaction to Pundi X assigned address, including your ETH address and hash. Make sure all the numbers are clearly shown.
  2. Email this video in high resolution and the following information:

KYCed email:
Address you sent ETH from:
Address you sent ETH to:
Tx hash:
Address you submitted to receive PXS:
Private wallet address to receive the return:

For the wallet address you wish to receive the return, please make sure again it is not a public exchange address. It will be the wallet which you have ownership of the private key such as MyEtherWallet, Metamask, Trezor, imToken, Nano Ledger and Electrum.


Please do not share your transaction detail to other. We won’t reach out to you and ask for this detail. You should do this return by yourself, not through other people to avoid being scammed.

All the refund requests have to be submitted before January 31, 2018. We will not accept any refund requests after February 1, 2018.